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Amsterdam Schiphol Lounge. Club Aspire Review

Amsterdam Schiphol Lounges aren’t the best. The Club Aspire Lounge can be entered with a Priority Pass. British Airways also send their passengers to this lounge. It’s a mid-sized lounge with stunning runway views. The views are panoramic and jaw dropping. The Lounge had ok-ish food options. The tea and coffee was horrific, however. Most importantly, I took lots of photos for this review!

If the lounge didn’t have such great views, I wouldn’t rate it highly at all. The lounge has food that I would describe as semi-edible. Similar to many Priority Pass Lounges in Europe. I stayed in the lounge for an hour, which is just about right.

There are two Club Aspire Lounges in Amsterdam Schiphol. This one is in the non-Schengen zone. These are the only two lounges that accept Priority Pass.

What I liked

  • Great runway views
  • Better than sitting in the terminal

What Could Be Improved

  • The Food
  • The Drinks
  • No Activities

The Space

The Amsterdam Aspire Lounge is a rectangle shape. One side was facing the tarmac, with beautiful runway views. There were floor to ceiling windows. The lounge was bathed in natural light. There's a buffet counter in the centre, with food and drinks options.

In terms of seating, it's mainly lounge style armchairs. There was also a sofa, which I sat on with my family. The furniture was modern and in good condition. There were 3 cubicles for working. I think that is classified as their Business Centre! There were also some high chairs and tables for casual eating.

The Lounge was pretty busy. This isn’t surprising, as it’s the only Priority Pass Lounge in the non-Schengen Zone. The lounge also accommodates business class passengers from some airlines. If you plan to use the lounge, I recommend to pre-book a place. If you turn up with a Priority Pass card, the lounge might be full and you won’t get it.

The Food

The food options were a bit sparse. Everything was served at the buffet counter, in the centre of the lounge. The following items were available:

  • Soup
  • Pasta
  • Bread
  • Cheese
  • Some fruit
  • Potato salad

With the exception of the soup, everything was cold. As for the soup, it came from a can. This is better than some independent lounges in Europe. Stale and soggy sandwiches are a very common offering!

I had potato salad, pasta and soup. It was edible and tied me over for a couple of hours. I found the food to be very bland. I chucked some croutons in the soup to give it a little flavour. If you expect a full meal, then you’ll be disappointed. I view the offering as a substantial snack.

The Drinks

The Amsterdam Aspire Lounge has self-service beer, wine and spirits. I fancied some wine, but I decided against it. I chose to wait until I got on the plane. Cheap wine normally gives me headache! I also don’t know enough about wine, to know what’s good. Hence why I don’t have a wine blog!

There was a tea selection, and coffee from a machine. Both were awful! My wife had a coffee and didn’t like it. She didn’t even finish it. I had an earl grey tea and it tasted like dishwater.

It’s annoying when lounges don’t have good tea and coffee. Most people are tired when they’re in an airline lounge. A good pick me up can go a long way!


This lounge isn't great. But there isn’t much choice, when it comes to Amsterdam Lounges! It's what I've come to expect from Priority Pass in Central Europe. The food was average and the tea/coffee was poor. The saving grace of the lounge are the stunning runway views.

This is the lounge you go to, when you don’t have access to somewhere better. However, it’s not so bad, that you sit in the terminal!


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