Could we work together?

I hope you like my website, and am glad you have made it here! If you have ideas for how we can work together, I would love to hear them - please email me at .

Consulting service

I have a structured program, where I work with clients, and enable them to become travel blog entrepreneurs.

Session 1

Before the 1st consultation, I will send you a questionnaire about your travel experience and knowledge

I will tailor a plan for you, that we will discuss in the initial consultation

I will look at your skills and gaps in the market, and suggest a niche that your travel blog should focus on

I will come up with a plan for how you should make money from your travel blog

Initial consultation is $100

Further sessions

In the follow up sessions, I work with you on the following strategies

How to promote your blog on Social Media
- I provide template posts for you to use
- Find the hashtags to get your content in front of the right people
- I will review your posts, and help you to improve them

I will promote your blog to my audience

Get your blog to rank on Google
- I will find the right keywords for your article
- I will review your articles, and explain exactly how to use keywords in your post

Monetisation strategies
- I will provide you with a strategy to monetise your blog
- We will work hand in hand, in order to make your blog profitable

How to engage brands
- I will provide strategies on how to engage brands and get them to work with you

Website design

Strategies to supersize your blog

Follow up consultations cost $80 each or $300 for 5 Sessions

For any questions please email or Whatsapp +44 7930 322 555

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