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China Southern Business Class Review. Short Haul

I flew in China Southern Business Class from Guangzhou to Siem Reap. My flight was perfectly serviceable, but no more. The seat was similar to International Premium Economy. The service was friendly, but the food and drink were pretty average.

I have previously flown long haul business with China Southern and had an excellent experience. Their lounge in Guangzhou is also very good.

This flight wasn’t the best, but it doesn’t belong in my travel hall of shame! The Novotel Tunis and Plaza Premium Ahmedabad still take that honour. If you want to laugh at my expense (who doesn’t?), then take a look at those reviews!

All of the photos in this article pop out into a slideshow.

What I liked

  • 3 different types of Chinese tea
  • Very friendly crew
  • Seat size similar to International Premium Economy
  • Pillow, blanket and slippers were included

What could be improved

  • No bar service
  • Average food
  • There was only 1 row of business class. All the passengers had a long look at us as they came in!

The Seat

There was 1 row at the front for China Southern Business Class. I didn’t like this, as everyone looked at us as they came in! I was travelling with my wife and daughter.

There’s some photos of the seat in the above slideshow. The size is similar to long haul premium economy. We were also given a pillow, blanket and slippers.

This is pretty good, especially compared to the European Airlines. For intra-Europe business class, it’s just an economy seat, with the middle seat blocked out. Also, you’re unlikely to get any sort of amenity kit.

My daughter was able to create a cocoon with the pillows, as she slept. So it’s a thumbs up from her!

The Food

I ordered chicken dim sum. The dish came with fruit, small salad and a dessert. It wasn’t great, the food came straight from the microwave. Fortunately, I wasn’t hungry and was happy leave the dish alone.

I expect airline food to taste like crap, so I’m not surprised! It was disappointing however, as I’ve had some good experiences recently. 

There was no bar service on this flight. I didn’t want alcohol, so it didn’t bother me. However, I still think international flights should provide a bar service.

I liked that they had 3 types of Chinese tea. I chose a strong black tea, which was delightful.


The flight was everything I expected. There were 3 types of Chinese tea and the crew were friendly. On the flip side, there was no alcohol and the food wasn’t great.

It’s a bigger seat, but not much more than that.

I flew in Long Haul Business Class with China Southern. That experience was much better! Review here. The staggered seating was large and comfortable. There was also a high-quality alcohol selection. However, the champagne ran out during the flight. What a disaster!

China Southern’s home airport is in Guangzhou, China. They have an excellent lounge in that airport. Review here. There is lots of seating, and the lounge is bright and airy. The buffet was terrific. They also have massage chairs!

One of my favourite flights had to be in Etihad’s First Class Suite. The flight was epic! The suite has a separate armchair and bed. The crew were wonderful. I also loved the on-board shower!


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