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Delta Air Lines Review. Domestic First Class

I flew in Delta’s domestic First Class from New York, JFK to Miami. There was a lot to like in my flight.

I was impressed by the recliner seat for my 3 hour flight. It was spacious and comfortable.

There was a seat back TV with lots of entertainment options. There was also a full bar.

My only complaint came from the food. It was awful!

This Delta Airlines Review contains lot of photos. Each photo can be clicked, to open out the slideshow.

What I Liked

  • Large recliner seat
  • Personal in-flight entertainment screens
  • Friendly crew
  • Full bar of complimentary drinks
  • I got an amazing photo of the horizon outside

What Could Be improved

  • No menu for the food or drinks
  • The food was bad. Really bad..

The First Class Cabin

I flew from New York, JFK to Miami with my wife and two kids. We flew in Delta’s domestic first Class.

There were 5 rows of 4 seats in the First Class cabin. 2 seats on each side of the aisle. The flight was full and every seat was taken. The cabin didn’t have any special decorations or any branding.

There were two people serving the cabin. One of the ladies serving was fantastic. She was lovely and very friendly. Always had a smile on her face.

There was one rest room at the front of the cabin. I used the rest room after about 10 minutes. By that time, it was already pretty disgusting. God knows what happened in it! If it wasn’t cleaned properly, then that’s terrible. More likely is that one of the other fliers has no manners.

During my flight, I got a beautiful photo of the clouds and the horizon. You can see the photo in the slideshow. It’s one the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen!

The Seat

The seat was a large recliner seat. In a 2x2 formation. In this narrow body Airbus A321. There were personal TV screens behind the seat in front. The seat had 37 inches of pitch.

There was a large arm rest in between the two seats. I was sat in seat 4C, next to the aisle. The window seat was taken by a lady I didn’t know. My wife and kids were in 4A and 4B. The arm rest was wide enough to provide a little privacy.

I liked the seat. It was a good size and comfortable for the 3 hour afternoon flight.

The Food

Delta Airlines don’t have a good reputation for food. Sadly, I can see why. My food was bad. I couldn’t eat it.

For lunch, there were three options

  • Meatballs
  • Vegetarian ravioli
  • A chicken dish

I had pre-ordered a vegan meal. It was spinach, rice and some sort of vegetable mush in tomato sauce. It was bad. The food was entirely flavourless, and I didn’t eat it.

There were some side dishes that I was able to eat. Fresh fruit, a salad and a pack of pistachios. The cut fruit was kiwi, orange and watermelon.

The food was all served on one tray. I can’t comment on the quality of the meat dishes, but my neighbour’s food didn’t look great.

On a general note, I’m used to crap food on flights. Especially as I don’t eat meat. However, given that Delta charge over $1,000 for their domestic First Class, this is ridiculous. Delta use Gate Gourmet to cater their meals. They don’t have the best reputation.

The Drinks

We were offered a choice of pre departure drinks. Alcoholic drinks were offered too, which was a nice touch. Not all airlines offer drinks on the ground.

I had an English Breakfast tea before take-off. It was ok. A little too milky.

There was also a bottle of water waiting on the arm rest.

I had a glass of beer with my meal. It was a sweet water IPA and it was excellent. I’m only an occasional drinker, but I do enjoy an IPA beer.

The In-Flight entertainment

There was a small TV screen at the back of the seat in front. The screen was crisp with a wide variety of options to watch. There was live TV too, including the main new channels. Fox, CNN etc.

I didn’t watch anything myself, but my kids were occupied for the flight. Which is a gift from the heavens. This allowed me to get on with my Delta Air Lines Review!


Delta’s domestic First Class offers a comfortable way to travel across the country. The recliner seat was large, spacious and comfortable. However, the food was bad! There’s no sugar coating that fact!

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Delta One is the name of Delta’s International First Class. I was lucky enough fly in Delta One across the Atlantic. Review here. The seat is actually a suite, with a door for privacy. The headphones and the TV were fantastic too. I did have a bad experience with the check in agent. He moved my young daughter to sit by herself, just to spite us…

I recently visited Los Angeles and stayed in the Hyatt Regency. Review here. The hotel was impressive. They have a free shuttle to the airport. There’s a swimming pool on site and the breakfast was good.

American Express have a lounge in JFK, New York. Review is here. The lounge has high quality food, complimentary alcohol and loads of natural light. I’m getting hungry as I write!


After a 50 minute delay leaving Phoenix caused by Delta Airlines themselves, we were cutting it close to catch our connecting flight back home to Bismarck. We actually made it to the gate after running through the airport with our 3 kids, one of which is a 7 week old infant and were told that they were closing the gate and that we could not get on. We were then stranded at Minneapolis Airport and subject to a $600 per day rental car rate with SIXT because of "supply and demand issues" with rental cars. There was not one single other available rental option in the airport. It was around 2am before we were able to find a decent hotel again due to "supply and demand issues". For the amount of money we paid with Delta for these flights and all of the travel that we've done in the past it is absolutely outrageous that we received the treatment that we did. Delta Airlines is NOT for the customers and the their main focus is not to achieve customer satisfaction. I'd like to emphasize on the fact that they were un willing to offer us 5 minutes extra to board and that they left me and my family stranded with a 7 weeks old infant!!!!!!!

June 19, 2024

Vin Gupta

I'm sorry to hear this story. It sounds awful. If you were delayed due to Delta's fault, then they should pick up the tab for the extra costs you incurred.

June 22, 2024

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