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Delta International First Class. Delta One Review

Delta One is the name of Delta International First Class. It’s the best experience with Delta Airlines in the Sky. I was excited to try it. I flew in Delta One from Dublin to New York, JFK.

I was hugely impressed with the seat. It’s large, spacious, private and comfortable. I also got a great deal to fly from Dublin to Miami, in Delta One. I only paid €1,300.

However, the soft product wasn’t as good as other airlines. The Amenity kit was small and provided in a cheap bag. Delta serve sparkling wine on the ground, rather than champagne.

I also had an awful issue with the check-in agent. I was travelling with my wife and two kids. The check-in agent removed my family from our allocated seating and made us sit apart. For no reason other than spite..

That being said, the on-board crew were excellent.

This Delta Air Lines review contains lots of photos. Each photo can be clicked and pops out to a slideshow.

What I Liked

  • The Delta One suite was spacious and private
  • Friendly service
  • Large TV with variety of options
  • High quality headphones
  • Good value price paid

What Could Be Improved

  • Horrible check in agent deliberately sat my family apart
  • They served sparkling wine on the ground. Not Champagne
  • Limited Amenity Kit

The Booking

I flew Delta International First Class from Dublin to JFK. I paid €1,300 for the flight. Which is a pretty great price. I was travelling with my wife and two kids.

Prior to the flight, I had reserved some pretty great seats. 1A, 1C and 2A. Here’s where things got bad... The check in agent spent 15 minutes to check us in. I didn’t think anything of it at the time. When we got on board, we saw that our seats had been moved. To random points in the cabin. 1C, 4F and 5B.

I was confused more than anything. Later on, my wife pieced together what had happened. The check-in agent spent 15 minutes, moving my family from our allocated seating to the most remote parts of the cabin. I had already checked in online. So there was no reason for the check in agent to take 15 minutes.

I also got the vibe that he didn’t like me. I don’t think he had an issue with my family. It was me he didn’t like! Once he gave us our boarding passes, he had a big smile. He then very politely gave me the directions to the lounge. I thought maybe I was wrong, maybe he was a decent person..

If I’m honest, I don’t think this would have happened if I was white. FYI: I’m a person of colour – my parents were born in India. The check-in agent was also a person of colour. In life, some people are gonna hate. If this man gets happy by sitting my 7 year daughter alone, then he has his issues in his life.

I should mention, this is the first time this has ever happened to me. Normally check in agents are very accommodating for families.

I should also mention that a very kind lady agreed to swap seats with my daughter. However, she was then sat further away from her family.

The Cabin

The Delta International First Class cabin was large. There were 32 suites in the cabin. Every suite was taken. It was a tight squeeze in the Airbus A350.

In terms of decor, the cabin was sterile and bland. There wasn’t any mood lighting or decoration. I didn’t see any branding for Delta Air Lines either.

The Suite

I really liked the Delta One Suite. Delta refer to their seat as a suite. It was in fabulous condition, very private and everything just worked.

The Delta One suites are in a staggered formation. There’s a cubby hole for your legs. That goes under the arm rest of the seat in front.

I was in seat 5B. My arm rest was to the left of my seat. It was nice and large. The seat itself felt wide and spacious.

While the suite door doesn’t close fully, it’s very private. The door covers half the opening, and is quite high. It means that you can’t easily see other passengers.

The TV screen was large. You can watch from take off, all the way to landing.

Myself and my wife were sat in two seats across the centre. There was a divider between the seats. With the divider down, I didn’t feel far away from her.

The Bed

It was a day flight, so I didn’t want to sleep. However, I made the bed for this review. View the photo in the above slideshow. I then laid down for 1 hour and thought about the world!

I got up after an hour and ordered a Jack Daniels. After the Jack Daniels, I got quite sleepy. So I made the bed again! I got two hours of sleep. That’s pretty good for a day flight.

The bed was comfy and firm. I also found the temperature of the cabin to be decent. Sometimes, airline cabins are horrible and hot.

The bedding was pretty nice too. The duvet was quilted and soft.

The Food

The food was ok. Edible but unspectacular. Delta use Gate Gourmet to cater their flights. Gate Gourmet don’t have the best reputation. Austrian company Do & Co are a more luxury caterer. Serving airlines line Etihad and Emirates.

For the 1st meal, it started with carrot soup, salad and fruit. This was served on a single tray. The soup was out of a can and tasted bland.

There were three options for the main meal. Beef brisket, roast chicken and veg korma. I had pre-ordered a vegan meal, so I had the veg korma. It was served with paratha and green beans. It wasn’t bad and I was able to eat it. It wasn’t great however.

For dessert, I had a cranberry tart. It tasted like a ready made dessert you get from the grocery.

The 2nd meal was a mixed veg ciabatta. Served with fruit and rye bread. The ciabatta was pretty good. The vegetables tasted fresh. I didn’t eat anything else. I hate rye bread!

As a vegetarian, I’m used to crap food on flights. Anything edible is basically a plus for me.

The Drinks

Delta offer a pre-departure drink to all Delta One passengers. A choice of sparkling wine or juice. Most airlines offer champagne on the ground. Delta save money on taxes, by offering sparkling wine on the ground. Once the flight is up in the air, no taxes are payable.

I thought this was pretty cheap. Delta are a money making powerhouse. First Class from Europe to New York is full of business passengers on expensive fares. If you paid $5,000 for a flight, you should get champagne on the ground! Personally, I’m an occasional drinker. So I declined the sparkling wine.

Up in the air, Delta International First Class do offer champagne. I had one glass, served with mixed nuts. The nuts were pretty nice, but I didn’t like the Champagne. It tasted like sparkling wine. It probably was!

Rather annoyingly, Delta don’t have a drinks menu. So I couldn’t see exactly what was offered.

Later on, I had a Jack Daniel’s whisky on the rocks. The 1st sip was pretty harsh. As I got tipsy, it went down smoothly! And that as me done for the alcohol! I had to rent a car when I arrived in the US. I didn’t fancy having a headache.

I’m getting much better when it comes to alcohol on flights. I used to have a couple drinks in the lounge and then get tanked on the flight. Nowadays, after two drinks, I try to stop. After two drinks, I’m just giving myself a headache.

I look forward to the day when I can have a chamomile tea and kale smoothie on a flight, and be done! I’m not at that level of maturity, just yet!

Later on in the flight, I had a green tea with mint. It was very refreshing

The In-Flight Entertainment

The IFE screen was large and crisp. You can watch TV from take-off to landing. There were lots of entertainment options. Not as good as Emirates, but there was loads to watch.

The headset was really high quality. It’s the sort of headset that people would steal. I couldn’t hear anything else, when the headset is on.

Amenity Kit

The Amenity kit wasn’t very good. It was small and the bag was cheap. Similar to the amenity kits on economy flights in the 1980s! There was a toothbrush, toothpaste, lip balm, moisturiser, eye patch and ear plugs.

This definitely lags behind the competition. British Airways provide their amenity kit in a leather bag from The White Company.

The Service

I have to commend the crew for this flight. US airlines don’t have a good reputation for service. After all, you don’t get tips on a flight! However, this crew were really nice.

I was travelling with my wife and two young kids. The crew couldn’t have been nicer. They offered to serve food to my wife at a time of her choice. They also checked up, to see how we were a few times.


I liked my flight with Delta International First Class. The Delta One suite was excellent. Large, spacious and comfortable. The TV and headset were also high quality.

I was a little unimpressed with the soft product. The amenity kit and food were average. However, those are minor complaints. Ultimately, you pay for space. You get it with Delta One suites.

I was originally booked to fly with Air France. My flight was moved to Delta, following a flight cancellation. I flew with Air France previously in business class. Review here. The flight was excellent. The food was tasty. The champagne was on tap.

I've also flown Delta’s Domestic First Class. Review here. I had a 3 hour flight from New York to Miami. The seat was a large recliner seat, there were personal TV screens and a full complimentary bar. The food was bad however!

I visited the AMEX Centurion Lounge in JFK, New York. Review here. The lounge was really good. The food is tasty, alcohol is complimentary and there’s lots of natural light.

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