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Denver Airport Hotel Review. The Excellent Hyatt House

The Hyatt House Denver Airport is a pretty great airport hotel. I stayed here for one night. After a late flight. The hotel has free airport shuttle, free breakfast and a swimming pool.

Best of all? I booked at a great price. I also got an upgrade to a one bed suite.

No complaints from me!

I took lots of photos for this review. Each photo can be clicked, to open out the full slideshow.

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What I Liked

  • Indoor swimming pool
  • Free and big American breakfast!
  • Free airport shuttle
  • I paid $104 + taxes. A great price!
  • I was upgraded to a 1 bed suite

What Could Be Improved

  • Hotel is basic

The Booking

I stayed at the Hyatt House for one night. After my flight landed at Denver Airport.

I paid $104 + taxes for a family room. This was a great deal. As I was staying as a family for four. The room rate includes breakfast for all guests.

Breakfast alone would cost $40 in a local diner.

The Location

The Hyatt House is 3 miles from Denver Airport. I took the free airport shuttle from the airport to the hotel. The shuttle runs every 30 minutes.

The journey takes around 15 minutes. The Hyatt House is the 1st stop.

There are a few airport hotels next to the Hyatt House.

There’s a gas station with a 7/11, two minutes from the hotel. There’s also a bunch of restaurants close by.

The Hotel

The Hotel has the following facilities:

  • Indoor Swimming Pool
  • Business Centre
  • Bar
  • Restaurant

The hotel has an indoor swimming pool. Open from 6am to 10pm. The pool is pretty small. Although it’s a great facility to have.

There’s a small business centre. With some PCs and a printer. It’s on the 1st floor, next to the lobby.

There’s a bar on the 1st floor. It also sells some hot food. We had our dinner there. A cheese pizza and French fries. The food was pretty good. Better than I had anticipated.

The pizza was made on Sourdough bread. The crust was lovely. The fries were excellent. I think they were made from fresh potatoes. Not reheated from the freezer.

The Suite

We were given room 127, on the 1st floor. We were upgraded from a studio suite to a one bed suite.

The suite was a good size. Although it was pretty basic. As you’d expect from a hotel costing $104/night.

The room had the following facilities:

  • Living room
  • Kitchen
  • Separate bedroom
  • Bathroom had a shower in it

The suite was a proper one bed apartment, with a full kitchen. You could live here if you wanted to. Although, you probably wouldn’t want to live here!

We could have spent some time in the suite. Used the kitchen, watch some TV and lived in the apartment. We didn’t do that! We woke up at 6am and got travelling to the rocky mountains. Ultimately, that was a lot more fun than staying at this hotel.

The furniture was pretty basic. Although everything was in good condition. Lots of grey items.

The bedroom had a large double bed in it. My wife and two kids slept on the bed. I slept on the sofa. This happens every time. I’m used to it now!

The bedroom also had a separate TV.

The bathroom was pretty basic. It had a shower. No bath tub.

The Breakfast

Breakfast is free for all guests. It was served on the 1st floor. I was really impressed.

You got a full American Breakfast. My family of four ate here. If we’d got breakfast from a local diner, it would have cost at least $40.

The following items were offered:

  • Waffles
  • Scrambled eggs
  • French toast
  • Breakfast potatoes
  • Sausages
  • Bread, muffins and bagels
  • Fruits
  • Berries
  • Oatmeal
  • Cereal selection
  • Yoghurts
  • Drip coffee
  • Tea Selection

The food was of middling quality. My daughter had the scrambled eggs and French toast. She said they tasted good.

I had a bagel, breakfast potatoes and a waffle. The bagel was good, as you might expect. The potatoes and the waffles weren’t great.

There was a waffle iron, where you made your own waffles. For some reason, the waffle batter wasn’t good quality. I make much better batter at home!

I had a cup of drip coffee, which was really good. I really enjoy the American style drip coffee.

The Swimming Pool

The hotel has an indoor swimming pool. Which is pretty good, given that it’s a budget hotel.

It’s a small rectangle pool. Good for laps. You may not want to chill here for too long.


I was suitably impressed by the Hyatt House Denver Airport. I stayed a lovely 1 bed suite, they had a full American Breakfast and a high quality dinner. The hotel was excellent value and has a free shuttle to Denver Airport.

It’s a great option for a Denver Airport hotel.

My favourite Airport hotel near Los Angeles International is the Hyatt Regency. Review here. It’s the closest hotel to the airport. The hotel has a free airport shuttle, 24 hour Starbucks and a nice swimming pool.

I flew in Delta International First Class. Review here. What a flight! The Delta One Suite was large and had a privacy door. The TV was big and crisp. The crew were friendly too.

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