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Etihad Business class review. Top Class

Business class done right! The Etihad Business Class Studio is really terrific. It’s not over the top like Emirates, but everything was very good.

The seat was spacious and comfortable. It opens out to a flat bed. The food was tasty. Premium alcohol was offered. I really had no complaints.

This is an in-depth review. I provide full details about what to expect. When you fly in Etihad Business Class. I took loads of photos. Each photo in this article can be clicked, to open out the full slideshow.

I also explain the trick I used, to save 60% off the flight price.

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What I liked

  • Large and spacious seat
  • Tons of privacy
  • Excellent drinks selection for business class
  • Friendly Crew
  • Good (calorific!) food
  • Classy amenity kit

What could be improved

  • Not ideal for families. The seats are wide apart

The Booking

I flew Etihad Business Class from London Heathrow to Abu Dhabi. The cash price of the one way flight was $3,556.

However, I only spent $1,362 to book this flight. This is a saving of over 60%. I got this deal, by purchasing Etihad Guest Miles. I then used those miles to book the flight.

I used 70,000 Etihad Guest miles to book the flight on Etihad’s website. I also had to pay $487 in taxes. When you search for your flight, there’s box that says “pay with miles.” Etihad Guest is the name of Etihad’s frequent flyer program.

I obtained these miles by buying them from Etihad. You can buy miles from this link. I purchased 70,000 miles for $875.

In total, I paid $1,362 for the flight ($875 for the miles and $487 for the taxes).

The Seat

The Etihad Business Class cabin has a staggered formation. Along with Reverse Herringbone, it’s the most popular type of business class product. The seat is very similar to the one I flew with China Southern.

I sat in 22A, which is a true window seat. It was large, spacious and also a very private. The seats aren’t ideal for families, as there’s a lot of distance between them. The seats had the following features

  • Cool electric windows
  • Large and comfortable bed
  • In flight entertainment screen is large and clear
  • Large selection of TV and cinema from round the world
  • Lots of privacy
  • Classy design

I liked the seat. A lot of thought had been put into the design. The cabin had a very classy feel, with mood lighting and beautiful lamps. I got a couple of hours sleep. I found the bed to be firm, which I like.

The In-Flight Entertainment

In my experience, Etihad has one of the best entertainment systems in the sky. There were tons of English options. The screen was also large and clear. 

The Food

The food was fantastic, one of best experiences I’ve had in business class. During the flight, I had the following dishes

  • Arabic Mezze
  • Vegetarian tortellini
  • Steak and cheese ciabatta

The Arabic Mezze was awesome, with an assorted array of hummus, hot bread and pastries. The vegetarian tortellini was rich and tasty.

Shortly before landing, I had a cheese and steak ciabatta. It was served with potato chips – pure comfort food! The sandwich did the job. It was oven reheated - similar to what you might get at a Starbucks. Was it healthy – no! But most airline food tastes like crap, so it’s fine with me!

I had a white Americano with my snack. It was ok, definitely a little bitter for my liking.

In the slideshow above, I’ve got lots of food photos. I’ve also got photos of the menu

The Drinks

I was impressed with the range and quality of the drinks. For a business class flight, they had a really good selection.

I enjoyed the champagne. I had 1 glass, even though I’m not a huge fan of champagne. When I’m on an airplane, I feel as if I should! They served Piper Heidsieck cuvee brut, which retails for around $60.

After that, I switched to Chivas Regal 18 years. It’s an excellent whisky, that retails for $100 for a bottle.

The On Board Bar

The Etihad Business Class bar is more of a lounge. It’s basically some seating where you can mingle with other passengers. The mood lighting was terrific – as in the rest of the cabin. The seating was comfy leather.

That being said, the space felt like an afterthought. There was a lack of privacy as the cabin crew were nearby, preparing items. Also, unlike the Virgin Atlantic bar, there aren’t any snacks laid out.

I ordered a chamomile tea as I sat down for 30 minutes. After that I left, as I felt weird, sitting there alone!

The Lavatory

Etihad have clearly put some thought into the business class lavatory. There’s classy lighting and a full length mirror! Perfect for the vain traveller!

The Amenity kit

I loved the Acqua Di Parma amenity kit! Full of high quality items inside a nice bag

  • Moisturiser
  • Cologne
  • Toothbrush and paste
  • Ear plugs
  • Eye shades


The Etihad Business Class is really terrific. They offer spacious and comfortable seats, a large selection of premium drinks and high quality food.

I can wholeheartedly recommend Business Class with Etihad!

While Etihad’s business class is excellent, their First Class is spectacular. I flew Etihad First Class on the A380. They have a suite with separate bed and armchair! They also have an onboard shower. It’s a lovely experience.

Etihad have an excellent lounge in London Heathrow. Review here. They have restaurant quality dining and premium alcohol. They also have Arabic coffee, Gin cocktails and a British tea selection.

The Etihad First Class Lounge in Abu Dhabi is pretty great too. They have beautiful runway views and complimentary spa treatments. The alcohol is premium and the champagne is unlimited! I suggest to arrive early and chill for a few hours.

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