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Eurostar Lounge Gare Du Nord Review. A classy affair

The Eurostar Lounge Gare Du Nord, Paris is a beautifully designed space. The lounge is elegant and gorgeous. It is let down by its lack of food, however. Beyond some snacks, literally no food is provided.

I spent two hours in the lounge before my train departed, and was able to get some terrific photos. So make sure you take a look at the slideshow!

What I Liked

  • Elegant design with luxury seating and mood lighting
  • Good coffee and tea selection
  • Large alcohol selection

What could be improved

  • The food selection was embarrassingly bad

Background to Eurostar

The Eurostar is a fantastic train service from London to a number of European destinations, including Paris, Brussels and Amsterdam.

The locals know that the Eurostar is the best!

The price is similar to a flight, but this service is more popular:

  • The train stations are in the centre of the city
  • You can arrive 30 minutes before your train departs
  • No baggage restrictions
  • Decent wi-fi
  • A train is more comfortable than a plane

The lounge can be accessed on a Business Premier Ticket. It can also be accessed by flashing an AMEX Platinum card, regardless of class of travel.

The space

The lounge is a rectangular space located on the 2nd floor of Gare Du Nord Station. There is a large refreshments area in the centre of the lounge, with two seating areas on either side.

The lounge features the following:

  • Large windows on both sides. overlooking the street and the trains
  • Classy design with wooden floors, mood lighting and leather seating
  • Wide range of craft beers, wine and spirits
  • Beautifully designed bar
  • Lots of different types of seating, including private booths on one side

I really liked the ambience of the place - it oozed class and luxury. Eurostar have put a lot of effort into the lounge design. The lounge is the polar opposite of the Loyalty Lounge in Mumbai Airport, which is designed worse than a prison canteen!

The lounge has an impressive variety of seating, including lounge seating, high chairs, private booths and a large table for working. Most impressive of all was a circular bar. There was nobody serving while I was there, but the design was stunning.

The lounge has windows on both sides. One side has the Parisian charm of Gare Du Nord, and the other side looks over the trains. I appreciate both views, but they don’t compare to an airport lounge with runway views! Check out the runway views from the Skyteam Lounge at Heathrow T4 and the Gulf Air Lounge at Heathrow, T4.

The only thing missing was that Eurostar didn’t include anything French in the design, like at the Air France Lounge in CDG, Paris. I should point out that I love French design, as you’ll see in my reviews of Air France Business Class and of the Intercontinental Paris Le grand.

The food

The food options here are embarrassingly bad, I almost feel ashamed to have a section called Food! There were vegetable chips, cupcakes, nuts and cocktail sized Sausages – that’s it!

I don't know why Eurostar have decided not to offer food in their lounges. It can't be too difficult to have a buffet with a couple of hot dishes. The lounge in St Pancras has a similarly poor selection of food.

The drinks

The drinks selection in the lounge was impressive. I had an Americano from the machine, and it was fantastic.

The following drinks were also available:

  • Selection of teas
  • Fresh juices
  • Craft beers
  • Wine
  • Spirits

After the Americano I had a Session IPA, which is a rather fashionable craft beer. I enjoyed it a lot.


I rather like the Eurostar Lounge Gare Du Nord, Paris. It’s a very impressive space with beautiful design and a wide range of drinks. Just don't expect to be fed - there is literally nothing!

Have you been to the lounge? Let me know what you think in the comments below.


Wow. I love the photos - the lounge look like a James Bond film! I really likes the lounge when I visitted, and the lack of food didn't bother me!

April 4, 2020

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