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What is Eurostar Standard Premier?

Eurostar Standard Premier is something completely different! There’s nothing like it on any other train or plane. Standard Premier is something of a sweet spot. The price is often just £10 more than a standard ticket. For the extra £10, you get a business premier seat and a complimentary meal. In this article, I’ll explain exactly what to expect, with Standard Premier. I’ll also review my recent trip, from London to Paris. On this occasion, I travelled with my family.

Eurostar operate trains from London to destinations in Europe. These destinations include Paris, Brussels and Amsterdam. You travel from the centre of one city to another, on a high speed train. If I go to Paris, I’ll always take the train.

Eurostar offer 3 classes on their trains. Standard, Standard Premier and Business Premier. It’s always worth checking the price of Standard Premier. Below is a quick summary of the Standard Premier Service:

  • Same Seat as Business Premier
  • Complimentary meal
  • No access to Business Premier Lounge
  • No dedicated check-in desks

I’ve taken Standard Premier many times. In my view, they’ve definitely devalued the service over the years. The meals used to be better.

What I Liked

  • The Standard Premier Cabin is small and classy
  • Complimentary food and tea/coffee
  • Large seats
  • Free Wi-Fi for all passengers

What Could be Improved

  • Breakfast was little more than a snack
  • The toilets were disgusting
  • Long wait times at the checkin desks


Eurostar have a 3 class service. Standard, Standard Premier and Business Premier. The Standard Premier offering is frankly weird. The seat is exactly the same as Business Premier, but everything else is inferior. You get an inferior meal. You don’t get lounge access or dedicated check-in desks.

However, the pricing can be very attractive – often only £10 more than a Standard ticket. I paid £629 for 3 tickets, from St Pancras to Paris. Given that it was a UK public holiday, it was the cheapest way for me to travel. It’s also the fastest way. Central London to Central Paris in 2 hours.

Business Premier is the highest class of service with Eurostar. You get the same seat as Standard Premier, an upgraded meal, lounge access and dedicated checkin desks. The tickets start at £500 for a return to Paris (1 person). I really don’t view this as good value. There are other ways to get access to the Eurostar Lounges (details below).


The check-in process at London St Pancras is easier than taking a plane. You keep your luggage with you, so that makes the process much faster. With Standard Premier, there are no special check-in desks.

The train departed at 11am. St Pancras was absolutely rammed! View the photos above. Fortunately, the queue moved fast. Also, an agent took pity on my family and took us through staff security.

As I’ve gotten older, business class checkin is something I’ve come to appreciate. I travel in business class, 70% of the time. I really notice when I use economy checkin desks! The queues are often massive, with wait times of up to an hour.

The Seat and cabin

The Standard Premier Cabin is the same as Business Premier. The cabin is nice, with spacious seats. I sat on 4 large seats and a big table, with my family. It’s worth pointing out that family tables are available on standard seats too. However, they are not as large.

There were power ports, with both UK and European power sockets. Eurostar offer free wi-fi for all guests, which is a nice touch. I was able to use my laptop to get some work done (i.e. write this review!).

The cabin doesn’t offer seat back entertainment. Train seats haven’t had the same level of innovation as airplane seats! Eurostar do offer entertainment, through your own devices. I didn’t check out their entertainment offerings. It seemed like too much hassle for a 2 hour train ride!

The Food

You get a complimentary meal in Standard Premier. However, this has been devalued, compared to previous years. The Eurostar Standard Premier breakfast had the following

  • Small bottle of water
  • Yoghurt
  • Pan au chocolat
  • Apple Juice
  • Tea or Coffee

I had a bite of the Pan au chocolat and it wasn’t the best, so I didn’t finish it. I didn’t fancy anything else from the breakfast. So I had a small cup of tea, but nothing else. The food was little more than a snack.

In days gone by, I found the meal to be more substantial. I remember getting a decent sized meal on a tray. A cold pie, some sides and a small bottle of wine.

Lounge Access

You don’t get access to Eurostar’s lounges with a Standard Premier Ticket. You’ll need to sit in the main Terminal at St Pancras. The terminal has a Pret A Manger and other outlets. On this trip, the queue was pretty small.

The Eurostar Lounges in London and Paris are pretty good. My review of the London one is here. My review of the Paris one is here. Both lounges have a manned cocktail bar. The Paris bar looks like something out of a Bond Film! That being said, the food in both lounges is pretty slim.

Most importantly, you don’t need a Business Premier Ticket to get access. If you have a UK Issued Amex Platinum Card, then you get access. My wife has a free supplementary card, so she also has access to the Eurostar Lounges. If you apply through this link, then you get a higher sign up bonus (65,000, compared to the ordinary 30,000). The link defaults to the Business Platinum Card. If you want the personal platinum card, go to “View all Cards with a Referral offer” on the top left of the screen. You get loads of other benefits with the Amex platinum card too.

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So what is Eurostar Standard Premier? The Service is pretty weird to be honest! You get a better seat and a snack – and that’s it. I wouldn’t go out of my way to book the product. However, the price is often the same as a Standard Seat. In that case, it’s a no brainer to book Standard Premier. Most domestic trains in the UK have standard and 1st Class. On a train, you really don’t need any more than that.

The other way to travel from London to Paris is by flying. I flew Air France Short Haul Business Class – review here. I was mightily impressed. The food was good, the service was impressive and champagne was free flowing.

I’ve also reviewed British Airways Short Haul Business Class. I had an excellent flight for the short hop to Amsterdam. The vegan breakfast was surprisingly good! The guy next to me even managed to down 5 drinks, in the 1 hour flight!

Paris is one my favourite cities. I reviewed the Intercontinental Paris Le Grand. It’s IHG’s flagship hotel in Paris. Room rates start at €500. However, I wasn’t impressed. The room had a horrible view, to the centre of the hotel and instant coffee in the rooms!



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