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Hawaiian Airlines Premier Lounge Maui. Review

The main airport in Maui is Kahului Airport. This review is for the Hawaiian Airlines Premier Lounge. In Kahului Airport.

The Lounge is pretty Limited. It’s a place to get a coffee and a snack. And have sit down. Not much more than that.

The lounge offered 3 types of filter coffee. Which were very good. They also had soft drinks and some chips.

I got entry with my Priority Pass and visited with my family of four. I probably saved $50 by coming here. As opposed to going to Starbucks.

This lounge is the only lounge in Kahului airport. Kahului airport itself is short of food options. It’s also very expensive. If you have access to the lounge, I would definitely consider coming here.

This review provides full details of what to expect when you visit. I took a bunch of photos. Each photo can be clicked, to open out the slideshow.

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What I Liked

  • Excellent filter coffee selection
  • Tea selection
  • Free wi-fi
  • Much better than the terminal building

What Could Be Improved

  • Small lounge
  • No food except some chips
  • No alcohol
  • Basic seating

The Entry Requirements

You can access the lounge by the following methods:

  • Fly in First Class with Hawaiian Airlines
  • You have platinum or gold status with Hawaiian Airlines
  • You’re a Premier Club Member
  • You have a Priority Pass Membership.

I got access with my Priority Pass Membership. You’re only allowed access, 2 hours before your flight. You can sign up for Priority Pass here. If you use this link, you get 30% off membership.

The Location

The lounge is located in the Main Terminal building. Next to Gate 17.

Once you get through security, walk 2 minutes further. Then you come to the lounge entrance on your left. I don’t think you’ll miss it!

The Lounge

The lounge is a small rectangular room, with different types of seating.

  • There are restaurant style tables and chairs
  • There are low, lounge style armchairs with low tables
  • There’s also one high table. With high chairs

There’s a buffet in the middle of the lounge, with snacks and drinks. There are USB outlets and plug sockets, to charge your devices. There’s also free wi-fi.

And that’s about it. The lounge is small and limited.

It’s also worth mentioning that Kahului Airport, Maui is very small. There’s not a lot of space. It’s also very expensive. So the lounge is a decent option.

The lounge has windows to the outside. So natural light does come in.

If you need to use the restroom, then you’ll have to exit the lounge and use the rest room in the terminal. This wasn’t a problem for me. I travelled with my family. They could watch our luggage. If you’re travelling alone, this can be a pain.

In terms of decoration, the furniture is perfectly fine. Functional. But not luxury.

The Food

There was a small buffet counter in the centre of the lounge. All the food and drinks were served from there.

There was a huge box of vegetable chips when I was there. Nothing else was offered. The chips tasted really good! There was no dip sadly.

The lounge is limited as it’s quite small. They don’t have any space for a kitchen. Hot food is out of the question.

However, they could have offered more food if they wanted. One variety of chips is a pretty meagre snack!

The Drinks

The lounge had a decent variety of soft drinks

  • Three types of filter coffee
  • Tea selection
  • Water
  • Soda
  • Juices

I had a filter coffee. Vanilla macadamia. It was amazing. Sweet and flavourful. I also had some water.

They didn’t have any alcohol on offer. This was disappointing. They could have put some beer/wine on the counter.


The Hawaiian Airlines Premier Lounge in Maui is small and limited. They have some snacks, soft drinks and tea/coffee. The lounge itself is small. You also need to exit the lounge to use the rest room.

That being said, the coffee was excellent. They also provide free wi-fi and a place to get away from the terminal. Kahului Airport, Maui isn’t large and is very expensive. If you can access the lounge, I would definitely consider to come here.

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