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Dec 07

Social Media Highlights. December 2019

Did you know that I am social?! Like really really social?

If you’re not following Soulful Travel Guy on Social media, then you really should be. I put tons of exclusive content on my Twitter and Instagram pages, that doesn’t appear on I post inspirational quotes, photos of amazing destinations and links to other blog posts.

This is the 1st of what I plan to be a regular round up of the best items posted on social media.

Calling all AV Geeks!

So it turns out that you guys love planes as much as I do! I posted a beautiful shot of a Lufthansa 747 (sadly not mine), and everyone went crazy. The Tweet had been seen 10,000 times within a few days.

This time the below photo is mine – a great shot of a Gulf Air Dreamliner at Heathrow Airport.

Wanderlust Central

Over on Instagram, I posted this image of Ohori Park in Fukuoka, Japan. I was there a few years ago, and loved it - a great place to gather your thoughts. If you look really closely, you can spot my wife in the distance!


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The below Tweet doesn’t really need words. It’s Moraine Lake in Canada, and it looks amazing.

Quotes to Inspire

I post inspirational quotes to inspire both myself and you guys to travel more. The below quote is a cliché, but absolutely true. Everything we achieve in our lives, comes when we exit our comfort zone. Most importantly, what is outside our comfort zone this year, will be inside our comfort zone next year!

The below quote is so true for me. I spent my 20’s working my butt off for bosses that didn’t appreciate me, and how I regret it. Yes I still work hard today, but I recognise that career is only one part of my life.


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And one quote I didn’t post

I want my content to inspire people to achieve their goals – to travel more and gain financial freedom. I wrote a detailed guide on how to set up a travel blog and make money from it. I know a lot of you guys are at the start of your journey, and may be going through difficult times. This is something I can absolutely relate to!

I recently saw a quote by Winston Churchill: “When you are going through hell, keep going.” I haven’t posted it, as it doesn’t really fit in with the theme of! However the quote is amazing advice, and captures what I had to do in difficult times.

I remember being out of work with a wife and daughter to look after, and absolutely everyone refused to help me. Even my closest relatives and people that I had helped were nowhere to be found.

I remember being alone in a different country, and working for a large investment bank. One of the managers took a dislike to me, and made it his mission to make my life a misery. He stopped answering my vacation requests, and put me under continuous review for 1 year.

The only thing I could do in these situations was to keep going, and try to get to the other side. I didn’t know what the outcome would be, but I kept going and prayed for the best. On each occasion, I got to the other side, and things got much better. What I didn’t do was quit – and thank god for that! I realise how lucky I am to stay in amazing hotels and fly in Business Class.

So let me know what you think. Do you like my posts? Do you think I am a jackass?! Write a comment below, or on Twitter and Instagram – I would love to hear from you!


Hi Vin, thanks for sharing your back story. I am sorry those bad things happened to you, but it looks like things are going well for you now! Keep up the good work - love your content

December 7, 2019

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