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Air France Business Class Review. Long Haul from Guangzhou to Paris

I'm a big fan of Air France Premium products - this flight was no exception. The 777 contained Air France’s newest seat, which I found to be comfortable, and enabled me to get some good sleep. The food was good and the service was pleasant – I can highly recommend Air France!

What I liked

  • Reverse Herringbone seat was large and spacious
  • The bed was comfortable, and I was able to get some decent sleep
  • The food was good quality
  • Good alcohol selection, with good French Champagne
  • Service was top notch, with 3 attendants serving 16 business class passengers
  • Excellent Business lounges at CDG

What could be improved

  • The Reverse Herringbone seat provides privacy but is not ideal for couples and families
  • 1 lavatory between 16 Business Class passengers was not enough

The Business Class Cabin

I took an overnight flight from Guangzhou, China to CDG, Paris in Air France 777 Business Class. The flight length was 12h 50m, which gave me lots of time to enjoy the full range of services. The 777 flight has an intimate business cabin with 16 seats. There was no 1st class.

There was 1 lavatory between 16 passengers, which is clearly not enough!

The Seat

The business seat was a reverse Herringbone seat. This type of seat is one of the most popular business class seats, and the Air France version has tons of space and privacy. Each row had 4 seats, and everyone had direct aisle access. The window seats have your legs angled towards the window and the centre seats have your legs angled toward the centre. While sleeping, your legs slot into a cubby hole at the front.

The seats also contain a separate storage compartment to hold your headphones.

The downside to the seats, is that it is not ideal for couples and families, as you are a long way from neighbouring seats. I was travelling with my wife and daughter. Myself and my daughter were in the centre aisle on neighbouring seats, and she was not able to reach my hand from her seat.

I found the bed to be one the most comfortable business class beds that I have slept in. I was able to get 7 hours of ok sleep - which is pretty good for a plane. I arrived in Paris from my overnight flight, and didn’t feel like garbage!

The slideshow above has a few photos that give a real feeling for the Air France Business Class Seat.

In Flight Entertainment

The In Flight Entertainment screen was large, and the quality was crisp. In the above slideshow, you can see just how crisp the screen is. The screen pops out of the back of the seat in front. I was impressed by the image quality and the responsiveness of the remote control.

There was a large range of English, French and international movies and TV. As it was a night flight, I only watched one episode of Ballers before going to bed. I didn’t want to watch ballers, but I did want to have some information to put in this review! The headphones provided were perfectly acceptable for business class.

Amenity Kit

My wife absolutely loved the amenity kit bags! As there were 3 of us travelling, we were able to get 3 bags of different colours – blue, red and green. I got the blue bag, although in reality she is now the proprietor of all 3 bags! The kit contained the following items:

  • Toothpaste
  • Toothbrush
  • Pen
  • Ear Plugs
  • Socks
  • Clarins Lip Balm
  • Clarins Moisturiser

The Food

The food was good, if not spectacular. In the slideshow above, there are photos of my food and of the full menu of options.

For dinner, there was a cold starter with scallops, chicken, roast vegetables and side salad. Cold food is not really my thing, and this starter was not very good. The dish basically had no flavour or seasoning, just some olive and salt and pepper given on the side.

For the main, I had the duck which was considerably better, although certainly not amazing. There was a fair amount of sauce, which added a lot of flavour to the dish. Without the sauce, the duck would have been pretty dry.

The presentation of the food wasn’t up to much, but as it was 11pm, I didn’t care.

For breakfast I had the apple and banana crepes. I enjoyed the dish due to the simple fact that I love pancakes in general, however these pancakes were very rich. I had a coffee with breakfast, which was a little bitter.

Overall, I enjoyed the food. The service was good and personal. Having 3 cabin staff for 16 passengers was very good.

The Drinks

I had a glass of champagne before take off. They served Deutz Brut Classic, which retails for about $45. I enjoyed the champagne, although I only had 1 glass as I wanted to get some sleep.

In general the alcohol selection was pretty good for a business class flight. In the slideshow above, I show the drinks menu including the wine list, spirits and beer available. The Bourgogne Blanc white retails for $20, and the other wines are of similar quality. This is pretty good – cheap wine is normally an easy way for airlines to save money (I’m looking at you BA!), as 95% of customers won’t know the difference. The spirits offered were of the premium variety – The Glenlivet Founders Reserve retails for around $30


The service really was excellent. The cabin crew were experienced and seemed to genuinely enjoy providing a good service to customers. Once I woke up, the cabin crew were round in 2/3 minutes, to offer breakfast.

The crew were also very helpful to my daughter. They were very patient, and provided her with loads of toys and items to play with.


Air France have a top quality business class product, which has very few weaknesses. The seat, the service, the lounges and the food are all pretty good. They come highly recommended


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March 10, 2021

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