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Review of British Airways Business Class. Club Suites

Well that was good! British Airways has always been an airline that divides opinion. On this trip, I’m pleased to say that I had an excellent flight. BA have an excellent business class product with their Club Suite. Not only that, the all-round service was impressive. This is an in-depth review of British Airways Business Class. Find out what to expect when you fly. It’s time to get excited!

Club Suite is the name of British Airways Long Haul Business Class. Each Club Suite has direct aisle access, a flat bed and a door for privacy. Club Europe is the name of their short haul business class.

I flew in Business Class from London to Los Angeles. It’s an 11 hour flight. I had ample time to sample the goodies and take lots of photos! All of the photos can be clicked and pop out into a slideshow.

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What I Liked

  • Each Club suite has a flat bed and privacy door
  • Bed was comfortable
  • Linen and amenity kit provided by the white company
  • Premium alcohol
  • Terrific food
  • Large are crisp IFE screen

What Could Be Improved

  • The champagne is not as premium as other airlines

The Seat

The Club Suite cabin has 4 seats across. As such, the seats are very spacious. I was sat in 14E - in the centre of the plane. My wife and daughter were in 14A and 15A. So I was just across the aisle from them. This is the best configuration for families. If you’re traveling with someone, I don’t recommend the two centre seats. Each seat is a long way from one another.

The British Airways Club Suite is fantastic. I've taken loads of photos in the slideshow. It has the following features:

  • Fully flat bed
  • Large and crisp TV screen
  • Sliding door for privacy
  • Aisle access for every seat
  • Small mirror
  • 2 small storage drawers

The TV screen is a good size. You can watch right from take off to landing. In some business classes, the TV pops out. For these screens, they don’t let you watch during take off. This is because the TV can swing around and hit you.

Each seat is angled away from the aisle. This provides extra privacy. And of course, you can close the privacy door. During the flight, most people had the door closed. For some reason, me and my wife don’t really care! Our seats were the only ones with the door open.

The seat has two small storage containers. One contains USB and plug sockets. There’s also a small mirror - for the vain amongst us all! There’s a dividing screen between the two seats in the centre.

Overall, I really like the Club Suite. The seat just works very well. The seat is well thought out.

The Bed

The Club Suite reclines to a flat bed. You can see a photo of this in the above slideshow. I liked it a lot. The mattress was firm, the cabin was cool and the linen was nice. I was able to get a couple of hours sleep in the middle of the flight. I couldn’t get any more, as it was a day flight.

Sleeping on flights isn’t something I find easy to do. Unless I’m really tired. There’s just too much to make me uncomfortable. Jeans are uncomfortable to sleep in. Cabins are often hot. When I get disturbed, I find it difficult to get back to sleep.

British Airways linen is provided by The White Company. They are famous for their premium cotton.

The Cabin

The British Airways business cabin is very large. There’s a lot of suites in Club World. Given BA’s strong position for transatlantic flights, this isn’t a surprise. A lot of people fly in their business cabins.

These modern business class cabins can feel a little weird! You can see this in the photo above. Because each suite has a sliding door, the cabin looks like a bunch of cubicles. In the suite itself, you feel very isolated. This is excellent if you‘re travelling solo.

The In Flight Entertainment

The IFE screen is very good. The screen is large and crisp. Best of all, you can watch from take off. Some airlines have TV screens that pop out. You can’t use these screens during take off, as it's not safe.

There were lots of entertainment options. Not as good as Emirates, but more than enough! I'm not too familiar with the latest movie releases. That being said, I did watch one film. Bad Boys for life. I didn't expect much from the film, and it met those expectations!

The Food

The food was good and surpassed my expectations. There were 3 choices for the main meal. Braised beef, chicken pie and vegetable korma. You can see the full menu in the above slideshow.

I had the korma as I'm vegetarian. Alongside the korma were olives and bread. I wouldn’t normally order a korma, but the meal was surprisingly good. Lots of flavour. Curries are one of the best options on a plane. This is because the spices hold their flavour in the sky.

Dessert was chocolate mousse. It was really strong. Far too strong for my liking.

The 2nd meal was very good – better than the 1st. Mashed potato, green beans and spiced cauliflower. The vegetables were fresh and the cauliflower was full of flavour. Normally, vegetables on a plane are utterly horrible. So I’m really impressed that BA served such fresh veggies. The other options on the menu were prawn curry and penne pasta.

British Airways also have their ‘club kitchen’. It’s basically just self service snacks in the catering aisle. They had potato chips, almond cake, candy and a full bar selection. The almond cake was lovely and moist. I took 5 pieces for me and my family! I went back later to get more, but it was all gone!

British Airways nearly always have a curry for the veggie option. I flew from London to Denver in Club World. Review here. They also had an Indian veg curry on the menu. That article has a summary of the different BA business class seats.

The Drinks

British Airways have a good drinks selection in their business class.

  • Cocktails
  • Champagne
  • Wines
  • Beers
  • Premium spirits
  • Twinings tea
  • Coffee

This is pretty solid in my view. Etihad might have better champagne. Many airlines have better tea. However, BA has a good all-round menu. The Full menu is in the slideshow.

I had a glass of champagne to begin with. I enjoyed it. They serve Canard Duchene Champagne Brut Leonie, which retails for about $40.

I then asked for a Johnnie Ginger whisky cocktail. The attendant brought the wrong cocktail! They gave me a gin cocktail, which I didn’t like at all. Given that the BA business cabin is so large, the attendants were very busy. I didn’t have the energy to ask for the correct cocktail.

Following that, I had two glasses of Johnny walker black label whisky. For the 2nd glass, the attendant basically filled up the glass. It’s probably the biggest glass of whisky I’ve ever had. At that point, I stopped drinking alcohol!

I did have some tea, later in the flight. I had two cups of chamomile tea and an English Breakfast tea. The tea was served with Lindt chocolate and shortbread.

The Amenity Kit

The amenity kit is provided by The White Company. It comes in a small black leather bag. It contains

  • Eye mask
  • Ear plugs
  • Lip balm
  • Moisturiser
  • Toothbrush and paste
  • Socks

The kit is pretty nice, though not the best I've had. Air France have a lovely business class amenity kit. We still have the bags at home!

The Service

Service is one area where British Airways consistently impresses. The cabin crew were warm, chatty and always willing to help.

I find that the US airlines can be hit and miss. This is surprising, given that the US is renowned for their customer service. Airline crew don’t receive tips, so maybe they don’t need to pretend to like the customers!

I was travelling with my family. This is a big help. Airline crew are normally accommodating for families. A couple of attendants came over to hold my son. We then had a 10 minute chat, before he started to cry!


This was a pretty great flight. British Airways Club Suites offer an excellent all round package. The suite is terrific, the food is decent and the entertainment is top notch.

My flight with British Airways was better than my business class flight with Virgin! Review here. That flight was definitely a mixed bag. The afternoon tea was awful, the bar selection wasn’t the best and the amenity kit was cheap. But apart from this, everything was good!

I have a short haul review of British Airways Business Class. It was a short hop from London to Amsterdam. That flight was also pretty good. It helps that I got a great price! The food was tasty and the crew were excellent. The seat is the same as economy, but I still think it’s worth the money. I got tremendous value for my flight ticket.

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