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British Airways Business Class Review. Club Suite

Club Suite is the name of British Airways Business Class, long haul. The suite opens out to a fully flat bed. And every seat has aisle access.

I flew from London to Denver, Colarado in Club Suite. The flight was 10 hours, which was just about perfect!

The flight was pretty good. The seat is large and spacious. I got to enjoy a movie. I also liked my meal.

I’ve flown British Airway Business Class, a few times now. While this BA flight was good, it wasn’t the best I’ve taken. The service wasn’t up to scratch.

As always, my review contains lots of photos. Each photo can be clicked and pops out to a full slideshow. This article is an in-depth review. So you’ll know exactly what to expect, when you fly.

I’ll also answer the question. What is BA Club World. In case you were too afraid to ask!

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What I Liked

  • The seat is large, spacious and comfortable
  • Every seat has aisle access
  • Large variety of drinks
  • Lots of entertainment options
  • I enjoyed my meal
  • High quality amenity kit

What Could Be Improved

  • One stewardess didn’t like my children 

The Booking

I booked the flight with British Airway Avios. Avios is the name of British Airway Air Miles. I flew with my wife and two children. For four of us to fly, I used 300,000 British Airway Avios. I also paid £3,400 in fees.

If I had used cash to pay for these tickets, it would have cost £10,345. So this was an excellent deal.

I made use of two British Airway companion vouchers. With a voucher, you book a flight for two people. But you only pay Avios for one person. Note that even with the voucher, there is no discount on the fees.

You can earn a British Airway Companion Voucher from Credit Cards in the UK and US. I used my BA credit card, issued in the UK by American Express. If you spend £10,000 in each year, then you’ll earn a companion voucher.

They have a signup bonus when you 1st get the card. If you apply through this link, then you get an increased signup bonus of 26,000 Avios. You need to spend £3,000 on your card to get the bonus.

If you use my link, I might get some bonus Avios. I get bonus Avios for the 1st 10 people I refer each year. To be honest, you’re probably not one of the 1st 10 people.

If you want to make sure that I don’t get any bonus Avios, then you can apply directly on the AMEX website. I’ll never know you did it! However, you would get a smaller signup bonus.

What is BA Club World?

So, what is BA Club World? BA Club World is the name of British Airway long haul Business Class. If you fly from London to Europe or North Africa, then it’s a short haul flight. All other flights will be classified as long haul.

In long haul flights, British Airway have four classes of service:

  • Economy. Called “World Traveler”
  • Premium Economy. Called “World Traveler Plus”
  • Business Class. Called “Club World”
  • First Class. Called “First”

World Traveler is your standard economy seat. 9 or 10 across. You get a free meal on one tray. You also get a free drink (including alcohol).

World Traveler Plus is British Airway Premium Economy offering. It’s much closer to economy class, than business class. You get a bigger seat and improved food.

BA Club World is the name of the long haul business class. They call their seat the Club Suite. This is the seat that I’m reviewing in this article! The Club World cabin has four seats across. Each seat reclines to a fully flat bed. The seat also has an enclosed door, for privacy. If you fly in Club World, you also get access to BA’s network of lounges.

First is the highest class of service with British Airway. Not all long haul flights have a First cabin. The seat is very similar to the business class seat. However, the cabins are smaller. The food is upgraded. The champagne is nicer. You also get to access the Concorde Room in Heathrow Terminal 5.

The Cabin

The British Airway Business class cabin is large. I was flying on a Boeing 777. There were 32 Business Class seats. British Airway call their business seat a “Club Suite”.

One feature of the large cabin, is that the service can feel impersonal. On this occasion, the cabin crew didn’t like my kids. So the impersonal service could have been a blessing!

There are 4 seats across in each row. Each seat has aisle access. The club suite is a reverse herringbone seat.

The cabin was very cool (temperature wise). They had air conditioning up to a high level. I prefer a cool cabin to a hot cabin. I put a blanket over me, to warm myself up. Better than sweating!

The Club Suite

Club Suite is the name of the British Airway business class seat, on their long haul flights. It has the following features.

  • Seat opens out to a flat bed
  • Large TV screen
  • All seats have aisle access
  • Bedding by The White Company
  • Reverse Herringbone seat
  • Door for privacy

The seat is a reverse herringbone style. I was sat in 10A, which is a window seat. The seat is angled in towards the window. You head is nearer the aisle. Your feet are nearer the window. Your feet go into a cubby hole at the front.

There’s a large TV screen at the front of the suite. The TV screen can be watched. Right from take off to landing.


The seat opens out to a fully flat bed.

The seat has a door for privacy. This has become very popular in modern business class seats. It’s a cool feature and adds privacy to your flight experience.

If you fly in one the centre seats, there’s a slider for privacy. Between you and the other centre seat. There’s a photo of this in the above slideshow.

There’s a couple of storage compartments in the suite. There’s a small storage compartment, next to your seat. It’s very shallow. There’s a 2nd storage compartment, next to your head. It has a door that opens out. On the inside, you get a bottle of water and the amenity kit. There’s also a mirror on the inside of the door. Photos are below.




I’ve flown in British Airway business class a few times now. I like the club suite. The product is very well designed, and just seems to work. The seat itself was upholstered, and was in excellent condition. 

The British Airways Business Class Seats

In the BA network, there are three types of British Airway business class seats. There’s the Club Suite. This is BA’s best business class seat. It’s the product that’s being reviewed in this article.

The 2nd British Airway business class seat, is the older Club World seat. This seat is being phased out. But it’s still on some older aircraft. The seat reclines to a fully flat bed. However, the business class cabin has 8 seats across! The seat was 1st introduced in 1998. It was the 1st business class seat to recline to a fully flat bed. Photo below.


The 3rd British Airway business class seat, is the Club Europe seat. This seat is offered by BA, on business class flights within Europe. It’s the same as an economy seat! The only special feature, is that the middle seat is left empty.

The Bed

My flight was a day flight. Leaving at 3pm from London. Arriving at 6pm in Denver. I got some sleep half way through the flight.

The seat opens out into a bed. I laid down for a couple of hours to get some rest. I found the bed to be firm, which I like.

The British Airway business class seat is quite narrow. BA do this, so that they can fit in more seats. It doesn’t bother me all that much. But it’s something to be aware of.

There are electronic controls. You press them and the seat will flatten out. A photo of the controls is below.

The Food

British Airway meals are catered by Do & Co. Which is an upmarket company from Austria. I’ve had very good experiences with meals on BA flights. They always have a vegetarian option. The food is normally cooked well.

There was a menu of 3 main dishes. Braised beef, chicken supreme and Indian veg curry. I had pre-ordered a veg meal. So I had the curry. The food menu is shown below.

My food was ok. Perfectly edible. The main meal was served 1.5 hours after take off. It started with a weird salad. It has cucumber, tomato and mango pieces. It was cold and pretty bad.

The main meal was veg curry. It was pretty good. It was spiced mildly. Indian food works well on flights. As the spice holds its flavour in the air.

For dessert, I had a coconut panna cotta. It was bad! Straight out of the fridge. Very cold.

I was able to request a chocolate pudding instead. Which was much better. Not too rich. Which is what I often find with chocolate desserts.

For The 2nd meal, there was a choice. A chicken sandwich or a quiche. I had pre booked a veg meal, and got a chickpea wrap. It was hot, but didn’t taste good. The desert was some sort of mango mousse, which was pretty nice.

I took a load of photos of the food. You can see these photos, by clicking the photo above, and opening the full slideshow. Unless you open the slideshow, you won’t see all the photos!

The Drinks

British Airway have a wide variety of drinks available.

I had a glass of champagne before we took off. They served Heidsieck Monopole, which was pretty good. It was only a small glass. I checked online. It looks like you can buy a bottle for £23 ($30).

Later on, I had a glass of Singleton single malt whisky. It retails for £35 ($45). It was lovely! I don’t drink scotch very often. But I really enjoyed this glass.

After lunch, I had a chamomile tea. BA serve Twinings tea. It really hit the spot!

I always find that British Airway have a solid menu of drinks, in business class. They offer a range of premium spirits. Gins, whiskies, vodkas etc. They also offer champagne, wine and beer.

The Amenity Kit

The British Airway Amenity kit is by the White Company. It comes in a small black leather bag.

It had the following items:

  • Pen
  • Eye mask
  • Socks
  • Ear plugs
  • Lip balm
  • Moisturiser
  • Toothbrush and paste

I used the toothbrush before I landed. Which is something I always do. If you don’t, then that’s disgusting!

The In Flight Entertainment

There’s a large TV screen in front of the seat. The screen is large and crisp. There were lots of entertainment options. My daughter didn’t bother me, for the entire flight!

One good thing is that you can use the TV, right from take off. All the way to landing.

The headphones were ok. Not amazing. But good enough for me.


The Service

I was travelling with my wife and two kids. My son is an infant. I’ve had some wonderful experiences, travelling with my family. In hotels and flights, crews are normally very helpful. Not on this occasion!

The crew were all pretty young. In their 20s. Clearly none of them had kids.

The flight started badly. A lady came round to offer a drink. She called my son “trouble”, for no reason at all. This pissed me off. She didn’t have any right to say that.

Later on, I asked if they could fill up my son’s milk bottle. The same lady gave me the smallest portion of milk and said that she didn’t have enough to give. I really didn’t believe her. I’ve never had a problem in getting milk. Not even in economy.

I felt like this lady didn’t like me or my family,

My son actually behaved very well. He didn’t cry once during the flight. He didn’t break anything or spill anything.

When I woke up, I went to the bathroom. The same lady asked if I could wait behind the curtain, as I waited to use the bathroom. She said it was a “safety rule”. Which is clearly absurd.

I then explained to her that she didn’t have any right to call my son trouble, and that she has insulted my son.

Anyway, I don’t like to have a go at cabin crews. They have a hard job. Before 2010, BA had some of the best crews in the sky. Since then, they have cut pay of the staff. Now, most of the crew are inexperienced and not paid properly.


This flight was pretty good. The only complaint I had was with the service. One of the cabin crew really didn’t like my family. Apart from that, everything else was good.

The Club Suite is large and comfortable. I enjoyed my veg curry. I had a glass of champagne and a glass of single malt whisky. Both were good. The TV screen and amenity kit were excellent.

This isn’t my only review of British Airway Business Class. I’ve previously reviewed them. Link here. I’d say that that flight was better. The crew were warm and friendly on that occasion! The food was very good on that occasion too.

British Airway Club Europe is the name of BA’s short haul business class. I wrote a guide on what they offer. Link here. You get lounge access, separate check-in desks and extra baggage. You can also get fares for £200 each!

I reviewed Marriott Waikoloa Ocean Club. It’s a beach front resort in Big Island, Hawaii. Link here. They have three swimming pools and four hot tubs. In the article, I explain how you can earn 50,000 easy Marriott Bonvoy Points. I also explain how you can book the resort for a 70% discount.

My favourite flight in my life? Singapore First Class. Review here. It’s a 50 foot apartment in the sky. They have a separate armchair and bed. There’s a cupboard to put your stuff in. The service was phenomenal. The champagne was by Krug.

I hope you enjoyed the article. Now you know what to expect, when you fly British Airway Business Class. You can sign up to my email list here. Get notified of great travel deals. Keep up to date with my latest content.


Nice review. Very helpful. I do wonder if the flight attendant you had issues with was not just joking when she said your son was trouble. That’s British sense of humour and a British term of affection. It’s what adults say to adorable little boys generally. It is harmless and usually said in a nice way. I think that was likely lost in translation.

April 15, 2024


Would be strange if something was lost in translation. I was born in London! I don't have any ill will towards the flight attendent. I just try to give an honest review.

April 27, 2024


Yeah....trouble is a term of affection. I think you have misunderstood

April 30, 2024

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