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Singapore Air Suites. First Class Review. Amazing!

Wow. Just wow. Singapore Air Suites are out of this world! The suite is massive. It has a large leather seat, separate bed, personal closet and two TV screens.

Singapore Suites is the name of their First Class on the Airbus A380. It’s a 50 square feet apartment in the sky. It’s spectacular. I flew from Frankfurt to New York. It’s the best flight I’ve ever taken.

The suite alone makes Singapore First Class Amazing. But this trip was so much more. The service was attentive, personal and friendly. The champagne was by Krug. The amenity kit bag was by Lalique.

These days, most airlines have abandoned first class. Airlines like American and British Airways still have First Class. However it’s barely better than business class!

Airlines like Singapore and Etihad understand what First Class should be. From the first moment to the last second, I was made to feel like a king!

Both Singapore and Etihad have a First Class cabin with a single aisle. Both First Class suites have a separate seat and bed.

This is an in-depth review with loads of photos. Each photo can be clicked and pops out into a slideshow. I also cover the Singapore Airlines First Class Cost, and how to get a deal.

What I Liked

  • Large, private and spacious suite
  • Separate bed and armchair
  • Two TV screens in the suite
  • Phenomenal and personal service
  • Comfortable pyjamas
  • Good food
  • Amenity kit from Lalique
  • Krug Champagne
  • Headphones were by Bang & Olufsen

What Could Be Improved

  • The flight wasn’t longer!

The Booking

I flew from Frankfurt to New York, JFK. The Singapore Airlines First Class cost was $10,428. For the return flight. Worth the money in my view.

I didn’t pay $10,428 for the flight. I used airmiles. For me, the Singapore Airlines First Class cost was 280,000 Krisflyer miles. With €120 of charges on top. That cost is for the return flight.

This flight was an amazing use of my Krisflyer Miles. I got 3.73 cents per mile. The Points Guy values Krisflyer miles at 1.3 cents per mile.

Singapore Air Krisflyer miles can be created quite easily. Transfer from American Express, Chase, Citi, HSBC and others.

The Cabin

The First Class Cabin has six suites. Three on each side. There’s only one aisle in Singapore First Class A380.

Out of the six suites, four of the suites were taken. I was in Suite 1A and used airmiles to book the flight.

There was a family of three in the other suites. They would have probably paid with cash. I doubt Singapore Air would make four suites available for redemption.

Also, the family was German. So it’s unlikely they would have that many Singapore Air Miles. Germany isn’t the best place to collect Air Miles. You never know, but it’s unlikely. More likely is that they were very rich!

The Suite

I was in Suite 1A. Let me take that in for a second… Suite 1A on Singapore First Class A380. That’s pretty special!

The suite was out of this world. A beautiful and private space. It had the following features

  • A large leather seat which can swivel
  • Separate single bed
  • Two TV screens
  • Large closet to store luggage
  • Suite door that closes
  • Two windows
  • Side table next to the window
  • Console Table. With the menu and some flowers

The suite is truly a suite. Not just a business class seat with a door! It’s your private kingdom. You have a separate seat and bed. There’s floor space for you to wander in. There’s no stepping out into the aisle as you open your bag.

The armchair is where you’ll spend most of your time. It’s a comfy leather armchair that can swivel round. You can face forward to view the small TV. You can face towards the aisle. To eat or view the larger TV. There are electronic controls to swivel the seat. Which is always fun! The chair itself is large. With soft leather.

There’s no overhead bins. This allows more overhead space. Instead, each suite has its own closet. It’s a good size. It held my shoes and two bags. There’s also a hanger for your coat.

There’s a massive tray table to eat your food on. A very comfortable way to eat your lunch!

There’s two other tables in the suite. One console table is there as you enter the suite. They put the menu there, and some flowers. There was also a 2nd table, next to the window. They put the headphones and amenity kit there.

The suite has a high privacy door. It helps to insulate your own space.

The suite had two windows. Each had an electric shutter.

I took loads of photos. These can be seen by clicking the photo above and opening the slideshow.

The Bed

There’s a single bed to one side of the suite. The bed is length ways, from the window to the aisle. Your head is by the window. Your feet are by the aisle.

The bed is entirely separate from the seat. The seat doesn’t convert into the bed.

After lunch, I asked for the bed to be made up. I only had 3 hours of sleep, the previous night. The cabin manager made it up while I went to the bathroom.

The bed was very firm, which I like. I got 3 hours of solid sleep. Which is excellent for a day flight. The cabin temperature was lovely and cool too.

It’s probably the best bed I’ve had in the sky. Most business classes don’t offer pyjamas. So I end up trying to sleep in my jeans and a t-shirt, in a hot cabin. Very uncomfortable.

The Etihad 1st class suite has a bed and separate seat. However, I found their bed to be less comfortable. I wasn’t able to get a decent sleep. The Singapore Air Suites bed is better in my view!

The In-Flight Entertainment

There were two TV screens. One small screen in front of the armchair. There was a 2nd, larger screen. At the end of the bed, next to the aisle

You could control the TV screens from an iPad or a seat side remote control.

I didn’t bother with the small TV. Why would I?! I watched the larger TV after my lunch. The screen was lovely and crisp. It was also a really good size.

You can swivel both the TV and the armchair, to get the perfect viewing position.

The noise cancelling headphones were fantastic. They were by Bang & Olufsen and retail for over $500. The sound was crisp. I couldn’t hear any outside noise.

There were a wide variety of entertainment options. English and international choices.

The Food

The Singapore First Class lunch service began right after take off. It was hugely impressive. The crew were very attentive. They made my table and offered proactive refills for drinks.

The dinner table was massive. As big as a restaurant table.

There were three courses to the main meal. The food was really good. However, there was some confusion over my veggie meal.

I had pre-ordered a lentil soufflé for my main. On board, I was told that all the appetisers were meat. This surprised me! Normally, airlines have a veggie option.

The following options were available for the lunch appetiser:

  • Chilled Malossol Caviar
  • Beetroot Stained Smoked Salmon
  • Rocket Soup

They asked if I would have the cucumber and smoked salmon salad without the salmon. This worked out well, as I love cucumbers. My kids love them too!

I then had another salad with warm garlic bread. Everything was fresh and tasty. They had pickled ginger on the salad. Like what they serve with sushi. Very nice.

The menu had the following options for the main course

  • Beef Roulade with onion sauce
  • Stir fried chicken with rice
  • Slow roasted pork belly
  • Seafood noodles

My veggie main course was a red lentil soufflé. It was served with guacamole. It was on the small side, but it tasted really nice.

I didn’t have a dessert. However, the following options were on the menu

  • Pastry with poppy cream
  • Chocolate and coffee tart
  • Cheese board
  • Fresh fruits

My 2nd meal before landing was fried rice with vegetables. It was ok. Perfectly fine. It was my veggie meal. From the menu, there were two meat options:

  • Thai style rice porridge with pork
  • Cheese burger

The food menu was on the console table. You can see this menu in the above slideshow.

The Drinks

Singapore Air Suites have a good reputation for their drinks service. They serve Krug and Tattinger champagne.

Before take-off, I had a glass of Krug. It was delectable. I don’t drink a lot. I also find that business class champagne can be a little harsh. However, the Krug was great.

With my main meal, I had a glass of Tattinger. Also wonderful! At that point, I stopped with the alcohol. I was hiring a rental car in the US, so I needed to be sensible.

I was quite proud of the restraint I showed. On flights, I often get overexcited and drink too much. I’m sure I’m not the only one!

After the meal service, I had a lovely cup of chamomile tea. The tea bag was very high quality, with fresh leaves.

I then slept for a little while. When I woke up, I asked for an English Breakfast tea. It came fast and was very nice.

The Amenity Kit

Singapore First Class provide an Amenity Kit by Lalique. It was less an Amenity Kit, more a bag of high-end toiletries.

Traditionally, an amenity kit was a set of toiletries to use in the flight. Think eye mask and ear plugs. When I was a kid, they still gave amenity kits in economy!

These days, you only get an amenity kit in premium cabins. The Singapore bag came with perfume, hand cream, face mist and lip balm. They didn’t bother with the face mask. Basically a luxury beauty kit to take away.

I took a women’s version to give to my wife. Hopefully she’s not angry that I left her at home!

I normally travel with my family. On this occasion, it wasn’t possible to get all my family into Singapore Air Suites. Also, I had to be in the US for business. No point taking my family on a trip when I’m working.

I don’t take pure review trips. If I travel somewhere, it will be for a purpose. Either for a holiday or for business. Some bloggers take a flight and then fly straight back, just for the review. I would never do that. It would be too tiring.

The Bathroom

The Singapore Air Suites bathroom was almost better than my bathroom at home. It was spacious. There was a seat and mirror, which was like a dressing table. There was also hand cream to moisturise with.

Singapore could fit an extra suite here if they wanted to. So its impressive that they had a large bathroom instead.

The Pyjamas

Singapore First Class give pyjamas by Lalique. I wore these while I slept. They were absurdly comfortable! Better than my ones at home! 

The Service

The service was something special. The staff took genuine pleasure in providing great service. They kept on coming by, and seeing where they could help. I was always referred to by my name.

Before take off, three people came to visit me and introduce themselves. I told one lady that I would give the amenity kit to my wife. She then offered to give me the women’s one.

Throughout the flight, the crew would walk by and take a look. See if anything needs to be done. I’m quite an independent person. I like to do things myself. However, I appreciate this First Class service.

It was light years away, compared to British Airways First Class. Their First Class service was very similar to business class. Very much production line.


Singapore Air Suites are spectacular. Surely the best flight I’ve ever taken. My biggest complaint is that the flight wasn’t longer!

The suite is a 50 feet personal cabin in the sky. With a separate armchair and bed. The champagne is on tap – Krug and Tattinger. The food was good. The service was fantastic. The amenity kit was awesome.

Singapore First Class on the A380 is special. Etihad’s First Class on the A380 is pretty awesome too! They also have an apartment with separate bed and armchair. Review here. Their suite is smaller that Singapore’s. However, Etihad’s food was better.

Staying with Etihad. I’ve also reviewed their business class. That flight was pretty good too. The food was excellent, although fattening! The Acqua Di Parma amenity kit was classy. The crew were nice.

I’ve also flown in Business Class with British Airways. Review here. That flight was special too. Their seat is excellent and comfortable. The food was fresh and tasty.

I hope you enjoyed my article. Hopefully you know exactly what to expect, when you fly in Singapore Air Suites. If you want more of my content, sign up to my email list.


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