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Etihad Sales. Excellent offers available

The latest Etihad sale has landed! This link will take you to the Etihad Offers page. There’s good deals available in Economy and Business Class. In this article, I’ll cover the best deals I found. As always, I suggest you move quickly –the best deals will go fast.

I’ve provided the best deals from the USA, UK, Canada and Australia.

The USA Deals

The best deals from the USA are to the UAE and India. Below are the deals that caught my eye in Economy:

  • Washington to Abu Dhabi: $940
  • Washington to Mumbai: $779
  • Washington to Delhi: $897
  • New York to Male: $942
  • New York to Lahore: $899

The UK Deals

The best UK deals are to the UAE and India. Below are the best Etihad Sales deals in economy:

  • London to Mumbai: £499
  • London to Delhi: £499
  • London to Seychelles: £549
  • London to Abu Dhabi: £549
  • Manchester to Tokyo: £599

Below are the standout deals in Business Class:

The Canada Deals

Below are the best deals in economy:

  • Toronto to Abu Dhabi: $2,360
  • Toronto to Dubai: $2,360
  • Toronto to Male: $2,440
  • Toronto to Bangkok: $2,805
  • Toronto to Delhi: $3,999


The Australia Deals

Below are the best Etihad Sales deals in economy:
  • Sydney to Paris: $1,765
  • Melbourne to Paris: $1,878
  • Melbourne to Dubai: $1,848
  • Sydney to London: $1,748
  • Sydney to Rome: $1,668

How good is Etihad Airways?

It’s pretty good! Here is my review of the Etihad Airways Business Class. The Business Studio was spacious and private. The amenity kit was provided by Acqua Di Parma. The food was also excellent – albeit calorific!

I was lucky enough to fly in Etihad’s iconic 1st class apartment. It was every bit as good as I had hoped! The apartment itself was massive. The food was cooked to order by the 1st class chef. In addition, Etihad have a shower on their plane! If I had one criticism, it’s that their alcohol selection isn’t as premium as Emirates.

Etihad have a network of lounges, to complement their flights. I visited the Etihad Lounge in London Heathrow. It was pretty good. They have dine on demand, a premium drinks selection and Arabic coffee. If you want to get drunk and fed well – you won’t be disappointed! However, London Heathrow has many excellent lounges. I wouldn’t say this lounge is close to the best.


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