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Lounge in Copenhagen Airport. Eventyr Lounge Review

Well I didn't expect that! The Eventyr Lounge in Copenhagen Airport is fabulous. One of the best independent lounges in Continental Europe. If you’re flying through Copenhagen, there’s a good chance you’ll end up in the Eventyr Lounge. You can access it with a Priority Pass. A lot of airlines also send their business class passengers here. British Airways, Emirates and others.

The lounge is a circle shape, with sweeping runway views. I got some lovely shots of the BA jet coming in. There’s a smallish buffet with decent hot and cold options. You also have beer and wine served on tap!

I don't expect much from contract lounges in Continental Europe. The food is often terrible. On this occasion, I was happy to be wrong!

There was one thing that disappointed me. There were some large sofas in the centre of the lounge. A group had commandeered these sofas and were sleeping. I thought this was disgusting and extremely rude.

All of the photos in the review can be clicked, and pop out to a slideshow.

What I Liked

  • Beautifully bright space
  • Runway views
  • Beer and wine taps!
  • Decent quality food
  • Swanky coffee machine

What Could Be Improved

  • There were guests sleeping on the sofas

The Space

I loved the lounge design. It was a circular shape, with windows around the edges. There were sweeping runway views. The lounge was bathed in natural light. I got some terrific shots of the British Airways jet coming in to dock. The slideshow above has 6 photos as it came in!

The decor was nice too. Think wood tones and leather. There were also cool pieces of furniture. It gave the lounge a modern and classy feel.

The lounge was small to medium size. But it wasn’t too busy while I was there. I got access with my business class ticket. You can also get in with a Priority Pass. However, when the lounge gets busy, Priority Pass passengers will be turned away.

There was a buffet counter near the entry of the lounge. Around the sides, there were restaurant style tables and chairs. There were also lounge style armchairs with low tables.

The Plaza Premium Lounge in Heathrow Terminal 2 is often voted as the best contract lounge in the world. It’s a good lounge, and I’ve been there many times. I find that accolade to be ridiculous however! That lounge has no natural light, and the food is of middling quality. I think this lounge is much better.

There were 3 large sofas in the centre of the lounge. Some customers mistook the sofas for their hotel room and slept on them. One man had a blanket. Another lady had her shoes on the sofa. I thought this was extremely disgusting and rude. The sofas could have fit 20 people, or 3 large families. The staff really should have told them to get up. I was tempted to complain, however I was too busy doing this review.

The Food

The buffet was pretty good. I find that independent lounges in Continental Europe often have awful food. The Sala VIP Lounge in Malaga Airport is one such example. Think stale and soggy sandwiches. The Eventyr Lounge in Copenhagen Airport was a pleasant surprise! The following was available.

  • Vegan chilli con carne
  • Chicken curry
  • Cold cuts. Cheese and meats
  • Bread
  • Salad

It wasn’t a massive spread, but the quality was decent. I liked that they had proper dishes, rather than just snacks. I only grazed on the food as I already had a decent breakfast. I had vegan chilli con carne, rice, cous cous and salad. Everything was fresh.

The Drinks

The drinks options were impressive. They had a swanky looking coffee machine. My wife had hot chocolate from it, and said it was nice.

They had 3 draft beers on tap. They also served wine served on tap – which I’ve never seen before. I had one glass of white wine – it felt rude not to! It was ok – not bad. I didn't drink too much, as I planned on drinking champagne on my BA flight. When it comes to alcohol, I’m definitely an occasional drinker. That being said, I can’t pass up champagne on a flight!

The lounge also had the usual range of branded spirits. Smirnoff vodka and Captain Morgan Rum were there. This is standard at airport lounges in Europe.


The Eventyr Lounge is an excellent Lounge in Copenhagen Airport. The space was lovely. The food and drinks options were good. They also have beer and wine on a tap! It’s one of the best independent lounges in Europe.

It's not the best contract lounge I've ever been too, however. That prize goes to the Primeclass lounge in Muscat. It’s one of the biggest lounges I’ve seen. The buffet was large and high quality. There were also tons of activities. Including a snooker table and games consoles.


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