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Primeclass Lounge Muscat Review

This lounge is special, really special. For me, the Primeclass Lounge in Muscat Airport is the best contract lounge in the world. It has everything you could want from an airport lounge, and a good deal more. I recommend to arrive a few hours early, to enjoy the experience.

All of the lounges in Muscat Airport are first rate. The Oman Air Business Lounge is next door, review here. That lounge is probably the best business class lounge in the world. If you have time, try both. I would say that the Oman Air Lounge is a cut above. It’s quieter and has better food. Apologies if you think I’m exaggerating! I really think the lounges in Muscat Airport are that good. 

This review focuses on the Primeclass Lounge Muscat. If you have a trip to Muscat planned, this article is a must read.

What I liked

  • Massive lounge. Lots of seating
  • Three separate buffet areas. Excellent food options
  • Bar with premium spirits
  • Fresh juice bar
  • Massage chairs
  • Kids play area
  • Activities for all! Pool table and computer games consoles

What could be improved

  • The lounge gets busy

The Lounge

The lounge is massive. However, it’s used by many airlines in Muscat airport, and gets busy. If your airline doesn’t partner with Oman Air, then they’ll send you here. Etihad, BA, Gulf Air, Qatar, Emirates etc. all use this facility. I got access from my Priority Pass Membership. I visited with my wife and kids, during a 3 hour layover.

The Primeclass Lounge Muscat has the following facilities:

  • 3 separate buffet areas. 2 main buffets. 1 kids buffet
  • Separate bar with branded spirits
  • Fresh juice bar
  • Showers
  • Spa. Complimentary Treatments for business class passengers only
  • Kids play area
  • Pool table
  • Computer game zone
  • Massage Chairs

The lounge has loads of seating. It’s mostly lounge style, low seating. This is very common and seen in most airport lounges

The Primeclass Lounge Muscat has a couple of unique features. Firstly, there were massage chairs. I love massage chairs! They are perfect for airport lounges, where people are tired. The China Southern Lounge in Guangzhou also has massage chairs, but it’s rare to find them in lounges. Another unique feature was the activities room. There was a pool table and games consoles. I wanted to play pool, but my wife can’t play. And I couldn’t play with myself! The games consoles were really cool – with large TVs and oversized chairs. The Air France Lounge, CDG, Paris also had games consoles – but these were better.

If I had to find a negative, I’d say that the place is busy. We were able to find seats however. The situation is similar in many Priority Pass Lounges – their program is very popular. The ANA Lounge in Lisbon and the Lounge in Dublin Airport were also busy.

I made a bold statement above. I said that the Primeclass Lounge Muscat is the best contract lounge in the world. I stand by it. A good contract lounge is a quiet place to relax, with decent food and drinks. This lounge does so much more. It’s a destination lounge where you want to spend a few hours. The Priority Pass Lounges in Heathrow are often voted as the best in the world (Plaza Premium T4. Plaza Premium T2). Those lounges are solid, with decent(ish) food and drink. The Primclass lounge Muscat blows them out of the water.

The food

The food was impressive, with a wide variety of comfort dishes. There were three separate buffet areas, each with different options. There was a main buffet next to the bar. There was also a smaller buffet, with a juice bar. Finally, there was a kids buffet.

The eating options included:

  • Roast veggies
  • Fried fish
  • Chicken tikka
  • Veg curry
  • Olive pasta
  • Sandwiches
  • Salad
  • Soup
  • Fresh fruit
  • Desserts
  • Dal
  • Chicken Nuggets
  • Mac and cheese

I’m getting hungry just thinking about it! All of the food was freshly cooked and well seasoned. There were a lot of people using the lounge, and it can’t be easy to feed them all with fresh food. For my meal, I sampled a few options. Roast potatoes, lentil soup, salad, pasta and rice. The food is about as good as it gets in airline lounges buffets.

I’m quite picky when it comes to food. I find that lounges in the UK have a hot buffet, but the food is often bland (I’m a Londoner – I’m allowed to say that!). Asian lounges have good food, with western and local dishes – however many are a lower standard. And there are many, many lounges with pitiful food offerings – including well designed ones. The buffet at the Primeclass Lounge Muscat was excellent in comparison.

The drinks

There was a nice bar next to the main buffet. They had the usual selection of branded spirits – Bacardi, Jack Daniels, Red Label Whisky. Unlike the Oman Air Lounge next door, they didn’t have made to order cocktails.

I had one bottle of Heineken. I refuse to get blasted during a flight layover – that always ends badly!

There was a fancy looking coffee maker behind the bar. I asked the bartender for a coffee, but he told me to get it from the machine in the buffet. I wasn’t pleased, but I didn’t have the energy to argue. The buffet had a small coffee machine. I tried an Americano, and it was pretty good for a machine. This is very common at hotel and lounge buffets, and it annoys the hell out of me. There’s a fancy (and unused) coffee maker. But the guests are forced to drink from a crappy machine..

There was a fresh juice bar, which had someone serving behind it. The bar was quite far away from the entrance and hardly anyone was sitting nearby. I thought this was a really cool feature, as fresh fruit isn’t cheap to buy and store. It felt rude for me not to try it! I had a small glass of orange juice. I enjoyed it, but my mouth tasted weird after a beer and a coffee!


This airport lounge doubles up as an activity centre for kids (and big kids). There was so much to do! I haven’t really seen anything like it at a contract lounge. I thought this was terrific, and can really help to keep you occupied during a long layover.

The Primeclass Lounge Muscat had the following activities

  • Spa
  • 2 Massage chairs
  • Pool table
  • Computer games area
  • Kids play area

The spa has complimentary treatments for business class ticket holders. As I entered on my Priority Pass, I wasn’t eligible. I did try out a massage chair. I was surprised at how good it was. Not enough lounges have massage chairs – notable mention to the China Southern Lounge in Guangzhou!

There was a small kids play area with some soft play toys.

The computer game centre was hugely impressive. With big TVs, lounge seating and consoles to use. I’m not a gamer personally, so I didn’t partake.


This review deals with the Primeclass Lounge Muscat. It’s a hugely impressive facility. If you’re flying business class through Muscat, then you’ll probably end up here. You can also get entry via Priority Pass.

There’s an extensive buffet, juice bar, alcohol bar, massage chairs and kids play area. It’s a great place to spend a few hours before your flight. Make sure you arrive early!

The lounges in Muscat Airport are truly exceptional. The Oman Air Lounge next door is probably the best business class lounge in the world. The food was amazing. I’m getting hungry, just thinking about it!

I’m a big fan of Oman Air in the sky too. I flew their business class. Review here. The seat and bed were comfortable. They also had excellent business class champagne.

I’ve also flown business class with Etihad. Review here. The trip was excellent. The seat was large. The food was yummy – although fattening! The amenity kit was lovely too.



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There was a violin ???? player in the lounge on the 5th of October. Anyone can tell me her name pls.

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when do did you go because ineternet vids dont have cmputer games i really am looking forward to play my next visit

February 3, 2024

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