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Lounge in Dublin Airport Review. Terminal 1

Dublin Airport doesn’t have many lounges. This review looks at the lounge in Terminal 1. If you’re flying in Business or have a Priority Pass, there’s a good chance you’ll end up here.

The Terminal 1 lounge is a tidy place. It’s a good spot to relax before your flight. They have a manned bar and barista made coffees.

The downside is that the buffet was limited. All the food was reheated from the oven. Don’t expect a proper meal.

I spent three hours here before my flight. It definitely felt like a long time. 1-2 hours is probably enough.

What I Liked

  • Barista made coffee
  • High quality tea selection
  • Manned bar
  • Wide variety of seating

What Could Be Improved

  • Limited food selection
  • No Guinness on tap

Entry Requirements

If you want a lounge in Dublin Airport, you’ll probably end up here. There’s a lot of ways to get into the lounge.

If you’re travelling in Business Class, then you can get in.

You can pay for entry.

You can also get access with a Priority Pass membership. This was how I got access. Membership can be purchased from Priority Pass, using this link.

I have a tie up with Priority Pass. If you use my link, you get 30% off membership. If you go to the Priority Pass Homepage, then you don’t get any discounts.

Standard Plus Membership costs €231. You get 10 free lounge visits per year. Each visit costs €23.10. Great value for unlimited food, alcohol and your own personal space.

These days, €23.10 wouldn’t get you a beer and a burger in the airport terminal!

The Lounge

The Terminal 1 lounge has a rectangular shape. There are two buffets at either end of the lounge. Both buffets serve identical food.

There’s also a manned bar. It offers barista made coffee and alcohol.

For a small lounge, they have a wide variety of seating:

  • Low leather seats
  • Private booths for the introverts
  • Desk style seating, up against the walls
  • There’s also a large high table, with high stools

The decor is pretty nice. It’s not super luxury, but there’s some nice pieces of furniture. All of the upholstery was in excellent condition.

There were windows to the outside, but these were clouded. So you couldn’t see outside properly. No runway views.

There was natural light coming into the lounge. I was there in the morning, and the lounge felt bright.

I had 3 hours in the lounge, following my overnight flight from New York. I was there with my wife and two kids. We were all tired, and 3 hours felt like a long time!

There were no activities. They didn’t have any day beds either.

This lounge is somewhere to sit and relax, but not much more. Certainly not a destination lounge.

The Food

The food selection at the Lounge in Dublin Airport was limited. Don’t expect a proper meal. I was there at breakfast time. The following was on offer:

  • Cereals
  • Hot porridge (oatmeal)
  • Cold pasta salad
  • Yoghurt
  • Crackers
  • Cakes
  • Some fruit
  • Danish pastries
  • Scones
  • Cinnamon bun

I had the porridge with cinnamon sugar. It wasn’t great. It was a bit gooey. But I was really hungry, and needed something.

Apart from that, I didn’t eat anything. Nothing looked decent.

My daughter had some corn flakes with milk.

At lunch, the food selection changed. They had leak and potato soup, sandwiches and potato chips.

I tried the soup. Leak and potato is actually my favourite. However, this soup was reheated from a can. It wasn’t good.

The Drinks

The drinks selection was very good.

You can get coffee from a machine. You can also get coffee, freshly made by the barista. I know that some people love barista-made coffee, so this is a cool feature. It’s also very rare in lounges.

In the slideshow, there’s a photo of the coffee menu. Just like your favourite coffee shop!

They had a high quality tea selection. The herbal teas were all organic. I had an Irish breakfast tea and a chamomile tea. The organic chamomile tea tasted amazing.

There was a full set of complimentary drinks available from the bar. Guinness was served from a can. You also had beer, wine and spirits. There’s a menu in the above slideshow.

I was a little disappointed that they didn’t have Guinness on tap. There’s nothing quite like a fresh Guinness in Ireland. Sadly, they just served Guinness in a can.

Alcoholic drinks are limited to two per person. Given that there’s a manned bar, this rule is probably enforced. Myself and my wife could have had four drinks between us.

It was the morning, so we didn’t have any drinks.


The Terminal 1 Lounge in Dublin airport is a decent option. They have barista made coffee and a complimentary bar. The buffet is limited however. You won’t get a full meal.

It all depends on what you expect. I travel a lot with my family. We appreciate a decent meal. So for me, the lack of food was disappointing.

However, many people value the alcohol selection much more. In that aspect, the lounge is pretty good.

The Lounge in Terminal 1 has a sister lounge. It’s called The Lounge in Terminal 2! Review here. The Terminal 2 lounge is smaller. The food and drinks selection wasn’t as good either.

I reviewed the Hilton Garden Inn Dublin. It’s a good value hotel, right on the city centre. There’s a 24 hour fitness centre. I was upgraded to the top floor, with a river view. The Guinness I had in the hotel bar was spectacular!

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