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Loyalty Lounge Mumbai T2 Review. It fills a gap..

The Loyalty Lounge Mumbai T2 is a very strange place. They offer a tasty buffet and have complimentary alcohol – sounds pretty good right?! Well there’s more to the story. The beer is watered down, there are no outside windows and the decoration feels like a prison canteen!

The lounge offers a place to sit down and get fed. However, it’s certainly not a place to relax!

It’s important to put this lounge into context however. Check out my review of the Plaza Premium Lounge in Ahmedabad, for an example of a bad lounge! So while the Loyalty Lounge Mumbai T2 isn’t the best, it’s not the worst either!

What I liked

  • The buffet was fresh and tasty
  • (Watered down) Alcohol was complimentary

What could be improved

  • No windows to the outside
  • Horrible lighting. Like a hospital
  • The beer was watered down
  • Very few power points

Access requirements

The Loyalty lounge is available to enter via a priority pass membership. If you’re flying international out of Terminal 2, then it’s your only option. It’s worth noting that the Terminal Building itself is very nice and modern, and there are loads of great food outlets. 

The space

The Loyalty Lounge Mumbai T2 is a large square room with a buffet in one corner and a manned bar in another corner. This is a basic lounge – don’t expect power points, kids play areas and spa treatments!

The worst thing about the lounge was the ambience - which was awful. There are no windows to the outside. With no natural light, the lounge has horrific bright lighting. The lighting reminds me of the movies where the CIA interrogates a prisoner in a bright room – it’s really that bad! The lighting really affected my experience in the lounge, as it was late at night, and I couldn’t relax.

While I’ve had mixed experiences at Plaza Premium Lounges, one thing they do well is that they provide well designed spaces with appropriate lighting. Check out this review of the Plaza Premium Lounge at Heathrow T4.

The furniture isn’t nice either. Some basic lounge chairs and low tables were provided and felt worn out.

There are no power points at the seats. There is simply one table where you could charge your phone out of a local socket.

The food

There is a self-service buffet in one corner of the room. The selection was small, but good quality. In my view, it was the best feature in the lounge. The buffet had:

  • Sandwiches
  • Chicken Biryani
  • Pav bhaji
  • Dal
  • Rice
  • Indian breads
  • Chicken keema
  • Carrot halwa (dessert)

I went for the chicken biryani and didn’t regret my choice!

The food that was offered was genuinely good. It was replaced regularly and was high quality. If you check out the photos above, you’ll see that I didn’t hold back!

The drinks

I started off with a coffee, which wasn’t the best. It was served out of a self-service machine.

There were a small range of complimentary spirits and beer available. The choice wasn't great, but most lounges in India charge for alcohol.

I went for a complimentary beer to begin. It tasted like water - It had clearly been watered down! To the credit of the bar tender, I pointed this out to him and he admitted the truth.

It reminded me of when I went backpacking in Vietnam during my 20’s. I would pay 5,000 doing ($0.20) for a fresh beer, which was basically 80% water! These days, I’m fortunate enough to enjoy better places in Vietnam – check out my review of the Intercontinental Danang, which is breath taking.

After one beer, I had to wash out the taste with a Glenfiddich whisky. It cost 400 inr ($5.50), and wasn’t watered down!


The Loyalty Lounge Mumbai T2 isn't great. The lighting is horrible, and there are no windows. However you can get fed well, and there’s complimentary alcohol. 

The other lounge in Mumbai Terminal 2 is the Business Lounge. This is exclusively for Business Class Passengers. It’s much better than the loyalty lounge. If you have access, you should go there. It’s a large and bright space, with high quality food. The only issue is that they charge for alcohol.

The Grand Hyatt Mumbai is a beautiful hotel in Mumbai’s business district. It’s very popular for weddings – the grounds are gorgeous! The swimming pool was also really nice. I stayed in an apartment for two weeks with my family.

I recently stayed at the Hilton Mumbai International Airport. It’s a small but charming hotel. The breakfast was terrific, with Asian and Western options. The hotel is really well designed too.



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