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Business Lounge Mumbai T2 Review. A bright and impressive space

They do things differently in Mumbai! Anyone that’s been there will already know that. The GVK Lounge Mumbai T2 is no exception! It’s a shared lounge for all business class passengers through Terminal 2. Rather impressive it is too.

The GVK lounge Mumbai is an excellent business class facility. It’s a large and bright space, with a hot buffet and runway views. If the lounge had complimentary spa treatments and alcohol, then I’d have ranked it amongst the best business class lounges in the world.

The food was very good. They showcased the best of India, and also had international cuisine. It’s great place to chillout before your flight.

Mumbai Terminal 2 is the international terminal, and it’s a modern and impressive facility. If you happen to be flying domestically, then you’ll fly out of terminal 1, which is less impressive.

What I liked

  • Large space with lots of seating
  • High quality buffet
  • Runway views
  • impressive decor

What could be improved

  • Alcohol was not complimentary
  • No complimentary spa treatments

The Access Requirements

The GVK Lounge Mumbai is the business class lounge shared by all airlines in Mumbai Terminal 2. I wasn’t flying business that day, but was fortunate to get access.

I was waiting in line to enter the Loyalty Lounge with my Priority Pass. I was told the lounge was full, and that they would send me to the GVK Lounge. This was good news, as the Loyalty Lounge isn’t a pleasant place!

You can sign up to Priority Pass on this webpage. This is a special link, that provides discounts of 10-30%. You don’t get these discounts, if you go direct to the Priority Pass Homepage.

There are over 1,500 Priority Pass Airport Lounges Worldwide.

Standard Plus Membership costs $263 per year and comes with 10 free lounge visits. Each visit costs $26.30. Great value for unlimited food, unlimited alcohol and your own personal space.

I’ve been to some amazing Priority Pass Lounges. The Virgin Clubhouse in JFK, New York is terrific. It has restaurant quality food, lots of natural light and champagne on tap! The Plaza Premium Lounge in London Heathrow (T5) is also pretty great. The food is good, the décor is nice and the alcohol is free!

The Lounge

The GVK facility is a really impressive lounge. It’s essentially a large rectangular space, broken into 3 areas. There are two larger areas at either end. The restaurant area with the buffet and the lounge seating at the other end. These zones are separated by the bar area.

The lounge has the following facilities:

  • Lots of banks of leather seating
  • Bar area with extra charge for alcohol
  • Large buffet spread. Laid out over 3 counters
  • Chargeable spa

There was a sign to the spa, but it didn’t appear to be open at 7am. I took a look online, and it looks like spa treatments are chargeable. I think this is a missed opportunity, as complimentary spa treatments are pretty rare in business class lounges. Even a 15-minute treatment would have helped to put this lounge in the top bracket of business class lounges worldwide.

One side of the lounge had floor to ceiling windows. Tons of natural light came in, and there were some decent runway views.

I loved the décor of the lounge. There were high ceilings, light coloured tiles and lots of mirrors and glass. The whole effect was that the lounge felt bright and airy. They had obviously made some effort with the lounge. I do appreciate a well-designed lounge, as many lounges get this wrong. 

The Food

In my experience, hotels and lounges in India have the best food. You get a full compliment of Western dishes, in addition to the Indian options. The GVK Lounge was no exception. They didn’t disappoint!

There was a large buffet of breakfast items. The quality of the food was good. Everything tasted fresh. The following choices were available:

  • Scrambled egg
  • Cook to order eggs
  • Cook to order dosa
  • Roast potatoes
  • Idli
  • Kichidi
  • Cereal
  • Bread
  • Fruit
  • Yohurt
  • Sandwiches
  • Cakes and pastries

I went for an eclectic mix of Indian and western dishes. I had roast potatoes, paratha, idli, scrambled eggs and poha. I enjoyed the food. I’d describe the breakfast spread as equivalent to the spread at a 4* hotel, which is very good for a business class lounge.

The Drinks

There’s a separate bar area with a wide variety of drinks. Like the rest of the lounge, the bar is classy and well designed. Check out the photo in the slideshow.

Sadly the alcohol comes at an extra charge. I’ve uploaded the menu. You’ll see the charges are pretty high. The cheapest beer is a Kingfisher, which is priced at 400 inr ($5.50). This makes no difference to me. I rarely drink alcohol, and besides it was 7am.

However, business class fares are very expensive. It’s ridiculous that the lounge doesn’t provide complimentary alcohol. Unfortunately, this is common for lounges in India.

The Loyalty Lounge is also in Terminal 2. That lounge does have complimentary alcohol. However, the beer was clearly watered down when I visited! The lighting is very bright too. It feels like a prison canteen! That being said, the food was delicious. You can access that lounge with a Priority Pass.

It’s also worth noting that domestic flights in India, aren’t allowed to serve alcohol.

At the GVK, I did get to sample the coffee. I had a white Americano, and it was good. Much better than coffee in most lounges.

Nearly all lounges I’ve been to have bad coffee. The coffee nearly always comes from a machine. The beans are often poor quality, and the taste is often bitter.

I didn’t see any masala chai available. This is black tea, boiled with milk and Indian spices. I’m basically addicted to it! It’s very popular in India.


The GVK lounge Mumbai doesn't do anything flash, but I still really liked it. It’s a large space with lots of seating, tons of natural light and an excellent hot buffet spread.

My only disappointment is that the lounge is really close to being so much more. If they could introduce complimentary alcohol and spa treatments, then I would put this lounge in the top bracket of business class lounges worldwide.

Mumbai is something of a Mecca, when it comes to hotels. One of my favourite hotels is the iconic Taj Mahal Tower. The hotel is right opposite the Gateway of India. The most famous location in all of Mumbai. The food was pretty awesome too!

In my view, the best hotel in Mumbai is the St Regis Mumbai. Hell, it’s one of the best hotels I’ve ever been too! Everything oozed luxury. The building is the tallest building in Mumbai. It also has spectacular views of the Arabian Sea.

The Radisson Mumbai Goregaon is a 5* hotel near Bombay Exhibition centre. It’s also very close to the airport. There’s a nice pool and multiple restaurants on site.


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