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Lufthansa Frankfurt Business Class Lounge Review. Terminal 1

The Lufthansa Frankfurt Business Class Lounge in Terminal 1 is pretty good. It’s a large space with lots of food and drink options.

I would say that the lounge is a little soulless however and lacks any sort of 'wow factor'. As a flagship business lounge, it's definitely inferior to the Air France Lounges in CDG, Paris and probably the British Airways’ Galleries lounges at London Heathrow.

What I liked

  • Large lounge with floor to ceiling windows and lots of seating
  • The hot food tasted good
  • Large alcohol selection

What could be improved

  • Little effort had been made to decorate the lounge nicely
  • Runway views were severely restricted

The Space

As a flagship business lounge, the space is large as you’d expect. There’s floor to ceiling windows, but without a direct view to the runway. Annoyingly, you have to look through a walkway to see the runway - look at the slideshow above to see what I mean!

There’s lots of seating, although the lounge was quite busy when I arrived at 10am. Fortunately, I was able to find a seat for myself. There was restaurant style table and chairs and some high seating.

The decoration and style was more functional than anything. Most of the furniture was made out of plastic and there was lots of beige and grey used.

I do like a lounge that’s been well designed, and this lounge falls short in this area. The Gulf Air Lounge in Heathrow T4 has stunning runway views and a great bar in the centre. The Eurostar Lounge in Gare Du Nord, Paris has a stunning cocktail bar – it wouldn’t look out of place in a Bond film!

There’s a large buffet area, located over 3 counters, on the opposite side to the windows. All of the food and drink options are served from here.

The food

I visited during breakfast, and the buffet spread was of the continental variety. This is common at this side of the world - think lots of bread and a small number of hot dishes. I’ve worked for a couple of German banks, and can confirm that the Germans take their bread very seriously!

The good news is that the food was very good! The following choices were available:

  • Scrambled eggs
  • Sausages
  • Baked Beans
  • Different breads
  • Pastries
  • Muffins and cakes
  • Apples, bananas and pears

I had 1 Sausage and some scrambled eggs. The eggs were awesome - someone had taken a lot of care when making them! The bread was also fresh and tasted good.

The drinks

The drinks options were very impressive:

  • Premium tea bags
  • High quality coffee machine
  • Beer on tap. German wheat beer and Beck's
  • Wine. Including prosecco
  • Premium spirits

This isn’t as good as the Air France Lounge CDG, Paris, where they serve French Champagne. But it’s still pretty good!

I tried a few drinks during my 2 hour stay. I had an Americano, which I enjoyed. I also had a chamomile tea and a green tea, which were both made with pyramid bags. They were very good. I appreciate high-quality tea, as this is one area that many lounges save money in.

Finally, I had a small amount of wheat beer from the tap. I didn’t want to drink beer as it was early, but I did want to write about it in this review! The Germans love their wheat beer, and I can report that it was very good.


There’s little wrong with the Lufthansa Frankfurt Business Class Lounge – it’s pretty good. There’s a wide range of food and drink options that are of high quality.

My only negative comments come when comparing this lounge to other flagship business lounges in Europe. There’s a definite lack of 'wow' factor. Don’t expect champagne, spa treatments or high quality decor here!


I loved the image of the Lufthansa 747 above - one for the AV Geeks! I've been to this lounge and many other Lufthansa senator lounges. They're all pretty similar - so at least there is brand consistency. I don't agree that this lounge isn't as good as the BA and Air France Lounges. Lufthansa have so many lounges worldwide, and I think they're good. You always have a wide alcohol selection, and there's fresh bread and pastries. We Germans don't need to stuff our faces with fish and chips

April 12, 2020

Cph Media

There are other Lufthansa Business Class Lounges in Terminal 1 by the B gates, C gates, and also Z gates (non-Schengen).

May 22, 2020


Yeah, there's quite a few Lufthansa lounges. What do you think of them? In my personal experience, Air France Lounges are better than Lufthansa's

May 24, 2020

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