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Marriott Los Angeles Hotel Review. LAX Airport

The Marriott Los Angeles Hotel is perfectly located if you need to be near LAX airport. They also have a free shuttle bus for guests. I had a short stay. I checked in at 2am and left at 10am.

My short trip was very eventful! There was a cancelled fight with Qatar Airways. The entire plane was allocated rooms at the Marriott. I saw the biggest line I’ve ever seen at a hotel!

There were also issues with the internet and the in-room coffee machine.

Despite this, the hotel itself is very nice. It’s smart and modern. There’s a swimming pool. There’s also an excellent range of bars and restaurants on the ground floor.

What I Liked

  • Free Shuttle to Los Angeles Airport
  • The hotel has an executive lounge
  • The check in agent was very nice
  • We were assigned a room in the top floor
  • Family of 4 allowed to stay in one room
  • Swimming Pool
  • Excellent runway views from the hotel
  • Lots of dining options

What Could Be Improved

• Check-in was a mess
• The hotel internet didn’t work for a while
• The in-room coffee machine was a disaster
• The shuttle bus was slow

The check in was (almost) a disaster

I don’t normally write about the check in. Unless something special happens. The check-in at the Marriott Los Angeles Hotel was a mess!

We arrived at the hotel at 1.30am. Our flight had been delayed by 1 hour. I was greeted by the longest line I’ve ever seen at a hotel. There must have been 80 people in front of us.

We waited for 10 minutes without moving. I was very tired and resigned myself to waiting a very long time.

My wife then had the presence of mind to speak to the check in agents. She was told what was happening. A Qatar Airlines flight had been cancelled. The front desk was taking each person’s details manually.

As we already had a booking, we didn’t need to wait in the massive queue. We were allowed to come to the front of the queue.

The check-in agent was very friendly and apologetic. She gave us a room on the top floor – 1822. She also gave us loads of water.

Frankly, I probably should have known better and asked myself. However, I was exhausted and not able to function straight. Kudos to my wife for saving us two hours!

The Location

The Marriott Los Angeles Hotel is one of many hotels near LAX Airport. There are essentially a big line of hotels, as you get to the entrance of Los Angeles airport.

The hotel is 1.6 miles away from LAX. With luggage, that’s not a walk you want to do. There’s a free shuttle bus from the airport to the hotel. That is how I travelled to the hotel.

The bus took a long time to arrive. I probably waited about 30 minutes. Given that it was 1am, 30 minutes felt like forever! In that 30 minutes, we saw the Hyatt Regency Bus 3 times!

If you need to travel to downtown Los Angeles, then that is further away. Beverly Hills is 11 miles away. Hollywood is 12 miles away.

The Hotel

The Marriott Los Angeles Hotel is modern and smart. Exactly what I would expect from a 4* Marriott. It has the following facilities:

  • Swimming Pool
  • Executive Lounge
  • Free Shuttle Bus
  • Airport Hotel
  • Fitness Centre

The main selling point of the hotel, is its proximity to LAX Airport. If you have a flight from LAX, then it’s very convenient.

The hotel offers parking. As is typical in this area, it’s very expensive. Expect to pay at least $60/night.

The hotel’s internet didn’t work for much of my stay. They have internet for guests, but it just didn’t work. It’s very rare that this happens. For the majority of the time, I used the hotspot on my phone.

The ground floor has a variety of food and drinks outlets. The area is modern, vibrant and well designed

  • The JW Steakhouse is the premier restaurant. It’s open from 5pm until 10pm
  • The Social Market & Eatery showcases fresh local produce from California
  • The Hangar 18 Bar & Kitchen is a sports bar, with multiple screens
  • There’s also a 24 hour Starbucks. It even serves beer and wine!

Los Angeles is an expensive city. However, there are some great value hotels. But you need to find them. I wrote an article that lists 33 cheap hotels in Los Angeles. A must read if you're on a budget. 

The Room

I stayed in a family room. With my wife and two kids. It’s basically an ordinary room, but with two double beds. The hotel doesn’t charge extra, for four people to share a room.

This feature is very common at hotels in the US. It’s far less common in other countries. For me, this is great option. There are four people in my family, and we often travel together.

Occasionally, we stay in two hotel rooms. Frankly, it’s too much space for us. We don’t need it. One bedroom is perfect.

The room had the following features:

• Small Room
• Two double beds
• Room was on the top floor, overlooking the airport
• In-room coffee machine
• Bathroom was small, with a shower

I was given a room on the top floor (18th). This was due to me being a Marriott Platinum. Also because of the delays I experienced at check in.

The room was smart and modern. Similar to 1,000 other Marriott Hotels worldwide! The room was on the small side. Although, airport hotel rooms are usually smaller than average.

The room had a great view of Los Angeles Airport. Below is a video of a plane touching down. I took the video from the room.


There was a coffee machine in the room. It was one of those drip coffee machines that are very popular in the US. That being said, this machine was very cheap.

Worst of all, they didn’t have a kettle. I was travelling with an infant and needed to make baby formula.

I called reception. I was told to use the coffee machine for hot water. This is something that hotels do to save money, and I hate it.

A coffee machine is rubbish at warming water. You also have to figure out how to use it. I basically had a disaster. There was a massive spillage! Frankly, a $15 kettle would be far easier.

I took loads of photos in the above slideshow. Including shots of LAX airport from the 18th floor.

The Executive Lounge

The M Club lounge is located on the 18th floor. It's basically a facility for Marriott Elites. I only visited once – during the breakfast service.

The lounge is pretty good. It has panoramic views of the runway at Los Angeles Airport.

In addition to breakfast, they have canapés and a bar in the evening. They also offer tea and coffee throughout the day.

The Breakfast

As a Marriott Platinum, I got complimentary breakfast. This was served in the lounge on the 18th floor. There was a decent breakfast spread on offer. Not quite a full American breakfast, but not far away.

  • Toast
  • Bagels
  • Oatmeal
  • Roast potatoes
  • Scrambled eggs
  • Sausages
  • Fruit
  • Muffins
  • Drip coffee
  • Coffee machine
  • Tea Selection

I had a bowl of oatmeal, which was excellent. It was freshly made and not too thick. I also had a bagel and some roast potatoes. The potatoes were decent.

I had a cup of drip coffee, which was pretty good. I also had a cup of English Breakfast tea. The tea wasn’t as good as the coffee.

I was exhausted from the 1.30am arrival the night before. I needed caffeine!

The Pool

The hotel has a pool on the 1st floor. It's a good size, with a jacuzzi. I didn’t use it, but I did pop down to get a photo.

It was a cold morning, although a few people were still using the pool.

There is a pool bar, where you can order food directly to your seat


My stay at the Marriott Los Angeles Hotel was a mixed bag. The hotel is really nice. I also got a fabulous view of the airport from the 18th floor. In addition, the M Club Lounge is a nice spot.

On the flip side, there were a few issues during my short stay. Check-in was a mess. The in-room coffee machine was awful and the shuttle bus was slow.

Another Airport Hotel at LAX is the Hyatt Regency. Review here. I was impressed with my stay. They have a complimentary shuttle to the airport. They also had an excellent breakfast in the downstairs restaurant.

If you’re flying through the International Terminal at LAX airport, then I recommend the Oneworld Lounge Los Angeles. It’s one of the best lounges in the USA. The décor is drop dead gorgeous.

I flew in Delta’s International First Class from Dublin to New York, JFK. Review here. The flight was pretty good. They have a suite with a privacy door. Ther TV screen was large and crisp too.

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