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Oman Air Business Lounge Muscat Review. Truly Exceptional

Oman Air is often forgotten behind the big 3 Middle East Airlines. Etihad, Qatar and Emirates love to hog the limelight! However, my experiences with Oman Air have been first rate.

This review looks at the Oman Air Business Class lounge in Muscat. The lounge is truly exceptional. It could be the best business class lounge in the world.

The space is massive. The architecture is impressive (although too blingy for my liking!). There’s absolutely loads of drinking and dining options. There’s also sleeping pods and showers for visitors to use.

The lounge is a true destination lounge. I’d suggest arriving a few hours early to enjoy it. My 7 hour layover was just about right!

The Oman Air Lounge is located next to the Primeclass Lounge. That lounge is also fantastic and can be accessed via a priority pass membership. I did find the Primeclass Lounge to be busier. I also thought that the food and drink options weren’t as good as the Oman Air Lounge.

What I liked

  • Large space
  • Floor to ceiling windows
  • Massive buffet with tasty dishes
  • Well decorated Lounge
  • Barista made coffee and Nespresso machines
  • Private Sleeping pods

What could be improved

  • No a la carte menu
  • No complimentary spa

The space

The Oman Air Lounge Muscat is an absolute behemoth. It has the following facilities

  • Two dining areas with buffet
  • Bar area with premium spirits
  • Day beds
  • Private sleeping rooms
  • Showers
  • Lots of seating
  • kids play area
  • Smoking room
  • Chargeable spa
  • Floor to ceiling windows

The 1st thing that hits you is the sheer size of the lounge. It’s big – VERY BIG! For a business class lounge, this is a good thing. Muscat is Oman Air’s hub and handles a lot of passengers. So a big lounge prevents overcrowding – it wasn’t busy during my stay. First class lounges are different. These lounges tend to be smaller and offer a more personal service, with spa treatments and restaurant style meals.

The lounge has lots of seating, including restaurant style seating, lounge seating and sleeping pods. The sleeping pods were particularly impressive. The pods are private, with curtains to block out the light (view photo in slideshow). I did try to sleep in one of the pods, but I was too anxious about missing my connection! So I didn’t sleep.

In terms of decorations, Oman Air have spent a lot of money. There’s lots of gold at the entrance. The rest of the lounge had marble effect tiling and pristine leather seating. It wasn’t to my taste, but that’s ok! The décor was similar to the Business Lounge in Mumbai – also a bright and airy space.

Is the Oman Air Lounge Muscat the best business lounge in the world?! I made a bold claim above.. In my view, it could very well be. I would put it on a par with the Air France Lounge, CDG, Paris. That lounge has complimentary spa treatments and bottomless champagne – which the Oman Air Lounge doesn’t. Oman Air charges for spa treatments. However, their lounge has a wider variety of food, private sleeping pods and barista made coffee.

I’ve travelled a lot and was very impressed by the Oman Air Muscat Lounge. Some lounges I’ve been to have been horrific! Below I’ve linked to some of the worst lounges I’ve visited. If you enjoy laughing at my expense (many people do..), then take a look!

The food

The buffet was an absolute treat. I arrived hungry and was fed like a king! There’s two separate dining areas, each with its own buffet.

The variety of food was fantastic. Food was fresh and flavoursome. Options included

  • Sandwiches
  • Arabic mezze
  • Indian dishes
  • Chinese dishes
  • Roast potatoes
  • Pasta
  • Fish steaks
  • Salad
  • Fresh Fruit
  • Dried fruits
  • Soup
  • Desserts

I tried a range of dishes. I had rice, pasta, roast potatoes and veg mezze. The quality was good. I can also report that the fish smelt divine – although I didn’t try it. Fish is expensive and has to be cooked fresh, so its great that it’s offered at the lounge.

For bigger lounges, I think that buffets are better than dine on demand. If you have many people to feed, then buffets are the best option. For smaller lounges, the calculation is different. There might be less people to feed, so food isn’t replaced often enough. This can lead to stale and cold food on the buffet. The Etihad Lounge at London Heathrow is a small lounge that gets the catering right. They have a couple of hot dishes in the buffet and a small dine on demand menu. Conversely, the Heathrow Skyteam Lounge has a buffet with food that is often stale!

I wouldn’t say that Oman Air is the best food I’ve had in a business class lounge. But it’s close. One interesting experience was at the Loyalty Lounge Mumbai T2. The lounge itself was a horrible place – rather like a prison canteen! However, the food was excellent.

The drinks

The drinks at the Oman Air Business Class Lounge were truly fantastic. Both dining areas had Nespresso machines – the swankiest Nespresso machines I’ve ever seen! I had a coffee from both machines – I can confirm that it’s very good. These days, I tend to stick to green tea, but I do treat myself occasionally!

There was a lovely bar area, with premium alcohol. Johnny Walker Black, Chivas Regal and cocktails were on offer. I kept it simple and had a beer. The drinks selection on Oman Air’s Business Class is also excellent. See my review article here. They offer decent champagne, Grey Goose vodka and other premium alcohol. It’s great to see that Oman Air invests in the customer experience.

Sleeping Pods

A unique feature at the Oman Air Lounge Muscat are the sleeping pods. These are day beds, with a small coffee table beside them. There are curtains that provide darkness and privacy. I thought this was a nice feature, as not many lounges have private sleeping areas.

The bed itself wasn’t that comfortable – I tried to sleep for a couple of hours.

Bathroom and Showers

Given that I had a 7 hour layover, I made use of the facilities and took a shower. The bathrooms were classy. The decoration was blingy, like at the lounge entrance. There were gold taps, large basins and flannels to dry your hands with. I took some photos – view the above slideshow. 


I was blown away by the Oman Air Lounge Muscat. It’s everything a business class lounge is meant to be! The food and drinks were excellent. The décor was impressive. They also had separate kids areas and day beds for sleeping.

If I was being critical, there was no champagne and no complimentary spa. However, these features are not usually found in business class lounges.

I’ve written tons of lounge reviews at Soulful Travel Guy. Some of these are provided below.

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