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Oman Air Business Class Review

I’d heard good things about Oman Air Business Class, and they didn’t disappoint! They have a unique ‘apex suite’, which provides privacy and comfort. The flight had a wide variety of premium drinks, and the food was well presented and decent.

This review has tons of photos. They can all be clicked and pop out into a slideshow.

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What I liked

  • Apex suite provides privacy and aisle access for every passenger
  • Excellent business class champagne
  • Full amenity kit with high quality bag
  • Food was well presented and freshly prepared
  • Wide selection of in-flight entertainment

What could be improved

  • Seat not as wide as other business classes


I booked Oman Air Business Class using Etihad Air miles. 60k miles to travel from London to Mumbai. It’s not the best redemption I’ve every done, but I thought it was a good use of my miles.

I’ve booked some terrific deals in the past. I used 40k Asiana Air miles to fly Etihad First. I also used points to stay at the Intercontinental Paris and the Intercontinental Boston.

Virgin Atlantic only charge 37,500 miles one way to fly in Business. Sadly, I couldn’t find availability.

The Seat

Oman Air have a unique seat in Business Class. It’s called an Apex suite. I like the seat, although hardly any airlines use it. The most popular business class seats are reverse herringbone and staggered.

The apex suite has the following features.

  • 6 seats per row
  • Full aisle access. Window seats have a private walkway
  • Aisle seats are partially enclosed
  • Window seats have full privacy

The downside to the layout is that there’s 6 seats across. This reduces the width of each seat. I understand why other airlines haven’t copied the seating layout – they don’t want to have 6 across. For years, British Airways had 8 seats per row in business class. It didn’t matter how good their food and service was, they were hammered because of their seats. That’s why they updated their cabin to have 4 seats per row.

In the slideshow above, I’ve uploaded a few photos from different angles. This helps give a feel for what the Oman Air seat is like.

I was in window seat 14k which had lots of privacy. The cabin is small with 12 people in it.

Half way through the flight, I flipped the seat over and turned it into a bed. I was able to get 3 hours sleep.

There’s a lot to love with the Oman Air Business Class seat. The window seats provide tons of privacy, and even the aisle seats had some privacy. It’s also good for couples and families, as you can sit close by one another.

The Food

I was impressed by the meal service with Oman Air. The food was well presented and had been freshly prepared.

I had yoghurt for starter. I then had the Arabic mezze as my main. It was good but not amazing. The bread wasn’t warm, which is always disappointing.

The 2nd meal contained fruit, hummus, green tea and a tart. An unusual combination! However it worked, and the was fresh and pleasant!

I really appreciated the effort they put into presentation. It takes a lot of effort to present a meal well, and not all carriers do this.

The Drinks

The drinks selection was excellent.

I had 2 glasses of the Laurent Perrier Brut, which retails for around $50. Two glasses is pretty good for me. Normally, business class champagne gives me a headache!

The spirit selection included Grey Goose Vodka, Chivas Regal Whisky and Glenlivet Whisky. That’s a high quality selection, and better than most airlines.

If you’re interested, the Skyteam lounge at London Heathrow has an excellent alcohol selection. The Eurostar Lounge in Paris doesn’t have the best selection, but their cocktail bar looks like a scene from Casino Royale!

The In-Flight Entertainment

The In-flight entertainment was good. The screen was large and crisp. In addition, there were loads of English options. 

The Amenity kit

Oman Air provide a comprehensive Amenity kit in Business Class. It was packaged in a high quality leather bag. It had the following items

  • Moisturiser
  • Lip balm
  • Mouth wash
  • Toothbrush
  • Face moisturiser
  • Blindfold
  • Razor
  • Ear plugs

The bag was one of the best I’ve received in business class.

They even provided a disposable razor. In my view, anyone shaving on a flight with a disposable razor, presents a danger to themselves and others! These people shouldn’t be allowed to fly at all!


Oman Air have a very good business class. All seats have aisle access with good privacy. The drinks selection is wide, and the food was decent. They may not have the most fashionable business class in the sky (i.e. Qatar or Emirates), but they have a very good product. 

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